Chamling blows SDF bugle for 2019 polls

Chamling blows SDF bugle for 2019 polls
Wed, Nov 28, 2018


GANGTOK: Chief Minister Pawan Chamling on Tuesday sounded the electoral battle cry for 2019 Assembly elections announcing that there is no alternative to ruling Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) party while describing the ‘Parivartan’ call of the opposition parties as a ‘destructive change’.
Since he had embarked on a 32-day State tour from this April and a host of potential political platform programmes, Chamling had been restrained in blowing the 2019 poll bugle. Today, the SDF president shifted gears and made punching political statements against the entire opposition, accelerating the ruling front into election mode. He was addressing the local public after inaugurating the newly constructed Pabyuik monastery under Shyari constituency, about 20 km away from Gangtok.
‘No alternative party, leader exists’

The Chief Minister asserted that no alternative party or leader capable of taking on SDF exists in Sikkim. “Hamro Vikalpa Ako Chaina (Our alternative has not emerged so far). No other party or leader has emerged that can take care of Sikkim. That is why we are working hard. Sikkim should be given into safe hands, Sikkim will be ruined if it falls to wrong hands,” he said.
Chamling said he is once again coming before the people for the 2019 elections. “I am coming once again with new dreams, new programmes to brighten the future of Sikkim and Sikkimese people. We are coming before the people for this election with sustainable programmes. We will field our candidates in all the constituencies,” he said.
The SDF president directed the party workers not to lobby for tickets for their candidates. I urge my friends in the party not to go around claiming to be the party candidate, he said.
“It will cause groupism in the party and if we do that it will damage the party. All of you must carry the party and go around villages with the objective to deliver victory for the party. All must work for the victory of the person who gets the ticket.”

‘2019 election is to save Sikkim’
“I am doing politics presently, not to become CM but to save Sikkim. I am doing politics to save the beautiful Sikkim we have made. I am doing politics to save the future of Sikkim,” said Chamling.
“The election this time is not about forming the government only. The election is to save Sikkim, to give victory to the people of Sikkim, to secure the future of our educated youths and to protect the poor. People must take this election very seriously. It is more important to people of Sikkim than me.”
The Chief Minister said people of Sikkim have seen the SDF government and its works for 24 years. Today the entire world knows about Sikkim and Sikkimese, he said urging the people to work towards the electoral victory of the ruling front.
Chamling said people must not fall into that thought trap of considering the SDF government being old. “Don’t change the government by thinking that government has become old and lasted too long. You can change this government if another party comes up to give better governance but so far such party has not come. Apart from SDF, other parties are only getting ready to destroy Sikkim,” he said.

‘Opposition’s Parivartan is to change Sikkim from income tax-free State to Goonda Tax State’
Chamling described the ‘Parivartan’ slogan of the opposition parties as a change for destruction of Sikkim.
“Presently talks are being made of bringing a Parivartan in Sikkim. Such talk from the opposition parties is a change to destroy Sikkim…to create unrest in Sikkim like other Northeastern States… this change is to bring Goondaraj in Sikkim. People will have to pay Goonda Tax in this change. We made Sikkim free from income tax, people do not need to pay income tax but they will have to pay Goonda tax…If you desire such change, then change the government,” said the Chief Minister.
Chamling maintained that the opposition parties do not have any programmes, policies and ideologies. “They know only how to misguide and lie to the people and to curse me. Tyeti Cha. They slander me from starting till ending of their speeches. They never talk about what plans they have for Sikkim and its people,” he said.
The Chief Minister spoke about a recent speech made by an opposition party leader. Recently a speech was made that they will confiscate and auction the properties of Pawan Chamling after forming the government, he said.
Chamling pointed out that he had already told the people five years ago that people can claim and take away if they find any benami (illegal) property or black money belonging to him within or outside Sikkim. No need to confiscate or auction if you find that I have benami land or black money… Lada Huncha (take it), he said.
“If misfortune falls upon the people of Sikkim and persons announcing to seize and auction my lands are elected to power then they will auction the entire State and not only mine. Sikkim lai nai Nilaam garcha. They will put all public assets under lease and sell it within six months,” said Chamling.

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