LT organisations at New Delhi on seat reservation issue

LT organisations at New Delhi on seat reservation issue
Sun, Dec 2, 2018

Oram appealed to place LT bill in Winter Parliament Session

GANGTOK: A delegation of Sikkim Limboo Tamang Tribal Joint Action Committee (JAC) toured New Delhi to understand the current status of the Limboo-Tamang Assembly seat reservation demand pending before the Centre. The delegation was led by JAC president S.P. Limboo, informs a JAC release.
The delegation met officials and ministers of Home, Law and Tribal Affairs ministries. It was learnt that the long pending Limboo-Tamang seat reservation demand is still under consideration of the Home Affairs ministry, said the JAC.
In Sikkim, the State government and SDF-run SILTAC have been making false propaganda of the Limboo-Tamang seat file reaching Prime Minister’s Office and Union cabinet, said the JAC. The State government and SILTAC are still trying to keep the Limboo and Tamang communities under a false illusion, said the JAC.
The Limboo-Tamang communities were declared as STs in 2002-03 but are yet to get reservation in the Sikkim Legislative Assembly since there are no ST seats in the House. The SDF government has been petitioning the Centre to expand the Assembly to 40 seats so that five seats can be reserved as Limboo-Tamang seats.
Chief Minister Pawan Chamling had recently said the SDF party will field five Limboo-Tamang candidates in 2019 elections if the Centre does not give them Assembly seat reservation.
The Chief Minister is running away from his responsibility with such statements, said the JAC. The committee reminded the Chief Minister of his past promise to quit politics if the Limboo-Tamang seats are not given by 2019 elections.
Seats are our rights and does not need assurances from political party, said the JAC.
Meanwhile, Limboo Tamang Voluntary Committee (LTVC) president Yehang Tshong, joint secretary Kishore Tamang and treasurer Susan Subba on Friday called on Union Tribal Affairs minister Jual Oram at his residence in New Delhi. They submitted a memorandum requesting that a bill is placed and passed in coming winter Parliament session for Limboo-Tamang seat reservation.
The minister assured he will look into the matter positively, said the LTVC president in a press statement.
Tshong informed that the LTVC team met officials of the Union Tribal Affairs ministry.
We had a brief discussion regarding the letter from Social Welfare ministry to the Tribal Affairs minister pertaining to the withdrawal of Limboo and Tamang Communities Land Protection Act Bill and decrease in government job reservation ratio of the two communities from 15% to 13% by the Sikkim government, said Tshong.
The meeting with ministry officials was fruitful, said the LTVC president. The committee requested Centre’s intervention on both the matters and to direct the State government restore the land protection Act and original job reservation of the two communities.
The ministry officials promised that the ministry will be soon writing to Sikkim government on both the issues, said the LTVC president.

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