Golay cannot contest elections, Law is very clear on this: R.B. Subba

Minister R.B. Subba presents medal to the players after the final of a football tournament at Paljor Stadium on Wednesday. SE Pic
Thu, Dec 6, 2018

GANGTOK: HRD minister R.B. Subba on Wednesday asserted the confidence of the ruling Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) party to form the government for the sixth consecutive term in 2019.
“The SDF will also win the 2019 elections and form the government for the sixth term. It will be a resounding victory for the SDF,” said Subba to SIKKIM EXPRESS here.
Asked what makes the SDF so confident of winning the 2019 Assembly elections, Subba pointed out that the ruling front is well-organised at the grassroots level across the State. “Our government has also delivered its promises and given an excellent performance. Results are performance-oriented and our government has done well,” he said.
Subba, a senior SDF leader, mentioned that the State government is soon recruiting 17000 youths in various government sectors under the ‘one family, one job’ scheme.
Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) president P.S. Golay is presently undertaking a ‘Parivartan Sankalpa Yatra’ in West Sikkim. The Morcha is claiming that winds of change are blowing from west district.
Asked about it, Subba responded that just claiming to bring the change from West Sikkim is not sufficient from the SKM president. “What are his grounds to make such claims? What programmes he has for the people?”, he questioned.
The HRD minister dismissed the claims of the SKM over west district and stressed that West Sikkim populace are intact with the SDF. We will do even better this time in West Sikkim as compared to last elections, he said.
The SDF had swept all the eight seats from west district.
Subba, also the Law minister, reiterated that Golay cannot contest the coming 2019 Assembly elections after being convicted and sentenced to jail in a corruption case.
Golay cannot contest the elections, he said.  
Law is very clear on this and in order to make him eligible (to contest the elections), all the prevailing laws have to be amended and this can be done only by the Parliament, said Subba.

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