SKM biggest hurdle for LT seats: SDF

LT seats
Sat, Feb 9, 2019

The ruling Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) on Friday asserted that Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) president P.S. Golay should first understand the difference between State, Central and concurrent subjects before giving an ultimatum to the State government.
“Before giving his ultimatum, the SKM president should first understand what is a Central subject, what demands fall under State list and which matters come under concurrent list. He has given his ultimatum without understanding these things,” said SDF spokesperson Bhim Dahal at a press meet here.
Golay, during the 7th SKM foundation day celebration, had listed out 30 demands to be addressed by the SDF government by February 25 or face a Statewide bandh on February 26. Among the demands were resolution of the Limboo-Tamang Assembly seat reservation issue and tribal status for the left-out 11 Sikkimese Nepali communities.
In response, Dahal accused the SKM party of being the ‘biggest hurdle’ for the Limboo-Tamang seat reservation. The SIBLAC has been maintaining that Limboo-Tamang seats should be given from the existing 32 Assembly seats and its convener Tseten Tashi Bhutia had extended support of SIBLAC to the SKM party in 2014, he said.
“The SKM rank and file must understand that SDF government and Chief Minister Pawan Chamling constituted Burman Commission to justify the demand and lay foundation for the proposal of expanding the Sikkim Legislative Assembly to 40 seats so that five seats can be given to the Limboo-Tamang communities. The proposal has been sent to the Centre. The SDF formula (for Limboo-Tamang seat reservation) is 40 seats in the Assembly.”
“Where is the formula of the SKM party? On what basis Golay is saying to immediately fulfil this demand which is a Central subject? Before giving his bandh threat, he should reveal the SKM formula. Is it from the 17-seat formula as proposed by SKM MLA K.N. Lepcha in the Assembly? As per their formula, 60 percent population of Sikkim will have to contest from 12 seats only. Is it acceptable?”, Dahal countered.
Dahal accused the SKM party and SIBLAC of creating hurdles when the matter had reached its final stage for resolution at the Centre. SKM legislators K.N. Lepcha and Sonam Lama along with the SIBLAC convener met Union Home minister Rajnath Singh on August 8, 2018 and submitted that the Limboo-Tamang seats should be given from the existing 32 seats, he said. He further contended that the SKM has also not given its clear stand on the tribal status for the 11 left-out communities.
“The Limboo-Tamang seat reservation issue is a Central subject. The SDF government has sent numerous delegations and representations to the Centre with the Limboo-Tamang seat reservation demand. All these have been shared with the people of Sikkim,” said the SDF spokesperson. He informed that the SDF president has already announced to field five Limboo-Tamang communities in coming Assembly election if the Centre does not give Limboo-Tamang seat reservation.
Regarding the other demands of Golay, Dahal countered that those are administrative processes which are being addressed in a continuous manner by the State administration. As far as the regularisation (of casual workers) is concerned, it is a continuous process, the SDF government has already regularised 25,000 workers, he said.

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