‘Chamling doing double speak on LT seat issue’

HSP working president Bhaichung Bhutia speaking at the press meet. SE Pic
Mon, Feb 11, 2019

40-seat formula has been failed by Centre: HSP
Staff Reporter
Hamro Sikkim Party (HSP) working president Bhaichung Bhutia on Sunday claimed that the Union government has rejected the 40-seat formula of the Sikkim government while also seeking a fresh proposal.
Speaking to media here, the HSP working president questioned Chief Minister Pawan Chamling what would be his next formula since the 40-seat formula has ‘failed’ before the Centre.
The Sikkim government has been seeking expansion of the Sikkim Legislative Assembly to 40 seats from the existing 32 seats so that five seats can be reserved for the tribal Limboo and Tamang communities. The Limboo-Tamang communities have been listed as ST in 2003 but are yet to get reservation in the Assembly.
“The 40-seat formula has been failed by the Centre. In fact, one month ago, the Ministry of Home Affairs wrote to Sikkim government mentioning about this. It is clear that that 40-seat formula has not been passed by the Centre and the Sikkim government has been asked to send a fresh proposal for reservation of Limboo-Tamang seats. We want to know what is the next formula of Chamling for Limboo-Tamang seats? His 40-seat formula has failed, he could not deliver Limboo-Tamang seats. What is his next formula?,” questioned Bhaichung. He further questioned why the State government did not place the letter from Home Affairs ministry in public domain.
Bhaichung maintained that the Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) government has been doing ‘double speak’ on Limboo-Tamang seat reservation issue. Chamling says here in his speeches that he has made demand for Limboo-Tamang seats but while submitting memorandums, the SDF government seeks reservation in the name of ST seats and not as Limboo-Tamang seats, he said.
“Chamling has not been asking reservation as Limboo-Tamang seats but as ST seats. In the memorandum submitted to the Prime Minister in June 2016, the State government has sought reservation of ST seats in the Assembly. Even in the table of reservation submitted, the State government has sought 20 ST seats with Limboo-Tamang seats mentioned within brackets. So does this mean that the Limboo-Tamang communities have to wait for their seat reservation till the 11 left-out communities are declared as STs? Suppose the tribal status demand takes 10 years, does the two communities have to wait till then?,” questioned Bhaichung.
We demand the State government to prepare a new memorandum and submit to the Centre clearly mentioning that the reservation is sought for Limboo-Tamang seats and not as ST seats, said the HSP working president. The memorandum must be signed by all the MLAs of the SDF government and its two MPs.
Bhaichung and a HSP delegation had met Union Tribal Affairs minister Jual Oram last year with the Limboo-Tamang seat reservation demand.
“We asked the Union minister when the Limboo-Tamang seats will happen. He accepted that the Sikkim government had asked for reservation as ST seats and not as Limboo-Tamang seats. He said the Centre is confused with the memorandum submitted by the Sikkim government adding that it appears that there is no seriousness on the part of the State government,” said Bhaichung.
Bhaichung also disclosed how HSP would work for the Limboo-Tamang seats if elected to power.
“We will keep the seat reservation formula open. The main priority would be to find which best formula can give Limboo-Tamang seats at the earliest. We do not want a formula like the SDF government which does rounds of various ministries for years and years and ultimately is rejected.  When HSP comes to power, we will invite representatives of various ministries and our representatives of Sikkim government. We will sit down and discuss at the table and prepare the formula which will give the Limboo-Tamang seats at the earliest,” said Bhaichung.
HSP vice president D.S. Limboo and party spokesperson Biraj Adhikari also addressed the media.

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