HSP promises universal right to basic income, pension and employment

HSP promises universal right to basic income, pension and employment
Thu, Apr 4, 2019


GANGTOK,: Hamro Sikkim Party (HSP) on Wednesday released its election manifesto promising a ‘revolution of universal rights’ on mission mode aimed to give new direction to the social, economic and political life of the people of Sikkim.
HSP president Dr. Bina Basnett, working president Bhaichung Bhutia and spokesperson Biraj Adhikari released the election manifesto at the party office here in Development Area. After this, the HSP functionaries and candidates walked to M.G. Marg and offered khadas to the statue of Mahatma Gandhi.
In its manifesto, the HSP has promised to create a universal right-based system in Sikkim wherein people have the right to universal basic income, secure employment, pension, access to good public facilities, ease of doing business, guaranteed income for farmers and freedom from poverty.
Under universal basic income promise, the HSP said it will launch Sikkimey Samman Yojna (SSY) providing Rs. 1,500 monthly to every Sikkimese within 25 days of forming the government. “For a family of 5, this will be Rs.90,000 per annum or Rs.7,500 per month. This amount shall be progressively increased, based on cost of living index. Payments under SSY shall commence within 90 days of launch,” reads the HSP manifesto.
Those earning more than Rs. 25,000 per month would be excluded from this scheme.
Under mission ‘unemployment free Sikkim’, the HSP promises to make a new law to regularise all existing casual government employees. Within six months, all qualified and unemployed will get jobs because all vacant positions shall be filled in education, health & other essential public services, said the HSP.
The HSP manifesto promises to set up an Employment Commission which will ascertain number and type of jobs required. Local resource-bases as well as skills of local youth shall be leveraged to support value-addition in agro productions, small-scale industries and start-ups, said the HSP. The party also promised adequate public sector funds for loans to entrepreneurial youth and handholding from the government.
The HSP further promises to launch Sikkim Grameen Rozgar Guarantee Yojna for every Sikkimese rural household, to boost rural employment guarantee programs. With this one major step, poverty will be eradicated from rural Sikkim, said the party.
Another programme of HSP is right to universal pension wherein Rs. 42,000 per annum would be paid to every Sikkimese man and woman between 59 to 70 years, and Rs. 1.02 lakh to every person above 70 years of age. This amount shall be in addition to the entitlement under Sikkimey Samman Yojna and shall be progressively increased, based on cost of living index, said the HSP.
With this one major step, elders of Sikkim shall be made financially secure and given the respect that society is duty bound to give them, said the HSP.
For the farmers of Sikkim, the HSP in its election manifesto said that the HSP government, within 10 days of taking oath, will grant one-time comprehensive loan-waiver for all farmers for all crop loans from all lending sources. To ensure that farmers do not fall into debt traps in future, Sikkim Farmers’ Disaster and Distress Relief Commission shall be set up and Credit Guarantee Fund shall be created, said the HSP.
The HSP also promises remunerative MSP for all crops and agricultural produce.
A Rs. 200 crore Fund for MSP Operations and Market Intervention shall be created for achieving Guaranteed Remunerative MSP, reads the manifesto. The party also promised agricultural market in each district and kisan cards for the farmers within six months of forming the government.
In its manifesto, the HSP has promised to revamp the public healthcare system to provide the best healthcare services nearest to their residence. “All existing dispensaries and PHCs shall be upgraded with latest diagnostic equipment, facilities and infrastructure. Large scale recruitment of trained medical personnel shall take place and proper doctors shall be posted at all locations – the emphasis shall be in creating strong public health cadre,” said the HSP. The party said super-speciality hospitals in all the districts would be established.
On sports front, the HSP has promised right to sports and sporting recreation through legislation and setting up Sports Authority of Sikkim, sports development centres, district stadium and sports schools. “To encourage sports persons, reservations shall be put in place for admissions in academic institutions & all categories of jobs in government departments, local bodies, public sector undertaking, government institutions,” said the HSP.
Regarding the business sector, the HSP has committed to form trade committees of different types of trades. With particular reference to trade licences, HSP shall promote long-term licences delivered at the door-step of business, without any red-tape, said the HSP.
“HSP is strongly in favour of equality for the business community of Sikkim. As such, it shall support all efforts for IT exemption and grant of other rights to the business community,” reads the manifesto.


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Altitude: 5,840 ft
Population: 6.10 Lakhs
Topography: Hilly terrain elevation from 600 ft. to over 28,509 ft above sea level
Summer: Max- 21°C ; Min – 13°C
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Rainfall: 325 cm per annum
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