SKM is on payroll of BJP: CM

Chief Minister Pawan Chamling welcomed at the Kabi election rally. Pic: Pokhraj Rai
Fri, Apr 5, 2019

Chief Minister and SDF president Pawan Chamling on Thursday said the SKM party is on the ‘payroll’ of the BJP and thus, have compromised with the interests of Sikkimese and Sikkim.
“The SKM leader sold all the tickets, sold the party and now it will sell Sikkim. They are working on the payroll of the BJP. The BJP candidates in Sikkim are campaigning for the SKM candidates. The SKM has been mortgaged with the BJP. It is only SKM outside but internally, it has become BJP. It will say ‘yes’ if BJP tells them to do away with Article 371F and Revenue Order No 1,” alleged Chamling.
He was addressing an election rally at Kabi for Kabi-Lungchuk constituency in North Sikkim where he made serious allegations against the P.S. Golay-led party.
Chamling alleged that SKM could make Sikkim a district of West Bengal or merge with Darjeeling because ‘the advisors of the SKM are all from outside’.
“In contrast, the owners of SDF are the Sikkimey Janta. We are answerable to the people of Sikkim. We do not need to seek permission from outsiders to work in Sikkim,” said the SDF president.
Chamling reiterated about his promise not to bring his family members into electoral politics while pointing out that the SKM president has fielded his eldest son as a party candidate.
“The SKM leader is saying that he has fielded his son to learn about politics. Who is doing politics of Parivarbad in Sikkim? People must understand this. I have kept the party free from Parivarbad,” said Chamling. He reiterated that Golay cannot contest any election till 2024.
“There is no leader in SKM. The SKM is like bees without their queen and will finish within a week fighting against each other. The SDF party will win 32 seats on May 23 and on that day, the SKM will finish on its own,” said the SDF president.
“I am not an experimental leader, I am an experienced leader. Who is the Chief Ministerial candidate of SKM? People do not know. SKM is not a party but a gang,” said Chamling.
The Chief Minister, in his address, shared some upcoming programmes of the next SDF government for the people of North Sikkim. He also highlighted the programmes for the district as mentioned in the SDF election manifesto.
In his address, SDF Kabi-Lungchuk candidate Ugen Nedup Bhutia promised to work as per the suggestions and expectations of the people of the constituency. He informed that 800 youth from Kabi-Lungchuk constituency were appointed under ‘One Family, One Job’ scheme. The left-out youth will be getting government jobs under this scheme in the next SDF government, he promised.

Area: 7096 Sq Km
Altitude: 5,840 ft
Population: 6.10 Lakhs
Topography: Hilly terrain elevation from 600 ft. to over 28,509 ft above sea level
Summer: Max- 21°C ; Min – 13°C
Winter: Max -13°C ; Min – 0.48°C
Rainfall: 325 cm per annum
Language Spoken: Nepali, Bhutia, Lepcha, Tibetan, English, Hindi