SDF on dharna, says Golay’s appointment as CM was ‘unconstitutional’

SDF on dharna
Tue, Jun 11, 2019

SE Report
Office-bearers and workers of SDF party on Monday staged a daylong dharna outside the East District Administrative Centre complex, Sichey here. They were protesting against the SKM government on three chief reasons.
“Our main reason for the protest is the unconstitutional appointment of SKM president P.S. Golay as the Chief Minister of Sikkim. A serious violation of the Constitution has been done,” said SDF spokesperson M.K. Subba to reporters.
Subba maintained the SDF’s position that Golay stands disqualified to hold any constitutional post for a period of six years having been convicted and imprisoned for one year in a corruption case. “Golay has bended the rules to become the Chief Minister which is a very dangerous precedent not only for Sikkim but for the whole nation. The whole country should take notice of this serious violation of the Constitution,” he said.
“We will take all legal measures to do away this unconstitutional appointment of Golay as the Chief Minister of Sikkim to save democracy of the whole country. Our legal experts are working to challenge the appointment of Golay as the Chief Minister of Sikkim,” said the SDF spokesperson.
Subba said the SDF is also protesting the incident of June 3 at the Sikkim Legislative Assembly.
SDF president and former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling had been verbally abused and taunted from the visitor’s gallery as he walked out of the House with his SDF legislators.
“The Speaker failed to take action as per the rules of the Assembly. Those who misbehaved inside the Assembly are liable to be taken into custody. We demand the Speaker to immediately arrest the culprits and take action,” said Subba. He alleged that those who made such derogatory comments from the visitor’s gallery were SKM workers.
The opposition party also reiterated its stand that there has been no violation of model code of conduct during the implementation of ‘One Family, One Job’ (OFOJ) scheme of the previous SDF government.
Last month, the DoP had issued a circular stating that many appointments under OFOJ scheme took place when the model code of conduct was in place and thus, was a violation of the ECI norms.
“OFOJ was a flagship programme of the SDF government. The SDF government did not violate the model code of conduct and gave the appointment orders before the model code of conduct came to place. The SKM government is trying to create confusion,” said Subba.

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