CM iterates austerity mantra, system revamp for students

CM iterates austerity mantra, system revamp for students
Mon, Jul 15, 2019


GANGTOK,: Making a fervent pitch for austerity measures in every step of governance, Chief Minister P.S. Golay today said the treatment of Chief Minister, ministers and MLAs should first be done in government hospitals within the State and the practice of spending public funds for such expensive treatments outside the State would be stopped. He maintained availing such treatment costs around Rs.1 crore and the STNM hospital also has skilled and experienced doctors who can do such treatment within the State itself. “Now, we should stop the practise of letting those who voted be treated in STNM and those elected be sent for expensive medical treatment outside. The State government will not bear any such cost for treatment of ministers, MLAs outside the State,” said Golay while speaking at the Students Right Day function organised by the SKM Students Wing at Manan Kendra here today.
The event to mark the fifth anniversary of police action on college students protesting against fee hike on July 14, 2014 was attended by ministers, MLAs, students wing functionaries, college and schools students. On the occasion, the student leaders were felicitated followed by an open interaction with the Chief Minister.
On the suggestions made by the students, the Chief Minister emphasized on State of the art campus as demanded by a student from Rhenock Government College saying the campus should have been ready by now. He also called for the need of college campuses having adequate facilities and necessary infrastructure like hostels and playgrounds. He said foreign languages should also be taught in college considering the global avenues for the students of the State. Golay added that the government will come up with a scheme to aid students and job aspirants go outside the country saying the Sikkimese people must reach out globally.
On the employment front, Golay also asked for a ban on back door entries. “As Prime Minister Modi says Na Khayenge, Na Khane Denge, our children must not be lured to rich or expensive businesses but rather devote them towards Jan Sewa. I will not be taking my sons towards the business, but devote them to working for the people. We will work on improving the work culture among the employees and lay focus on Digital Sikkim in every sector,” he added.
Speaking on the importance of the day, Golay said the SKM has always raised students’ issues while being at the opposition. “We spoke for the college students whose college fee was raised by the SDF government which also lured students to take up unrecognised courses in ITFT. Their degrees were not recognised and we fought to give justice to them. We have raised the call for Parivartan to ensure the rights of all Sikkimese people. Despite luring proposition from the SDF government, I took it upon myself to raise the issues of our people. The silence of Sikkim was like a graveyard where no one was allowed to talk. Seeing the lack of democracy, I challenged the SDF party and came forth for the people of Sikkim. Now, even as a government we will work for the people.
The Chief Minister also called for grander Students’ Right Day event in the future and invited the students to understand the rights of the students. He added that the SKM students wing must work as a bridge between the students and the government.
Golay, also the SKM president opined that the party needs to be stronger than the government. “If the cadres are strong then the government will also be strengthened. If the government is going in the wrong track, if it doesn’t comply with the direction of the party, then the party must pressurizes the government. They must correct the government and bring it on track. We have heard some brilliant suggestions from the students here today, had we not conducted the interaction here today or observed the Student’s Right Day, the issues of the students may not have reached the government. We will focus on one-to-one interaction with the students to solve the issues of the students as a government. Similarly other frontal organizations must bring up issues, party must bring to light the issues and the possible solutions in front of the government,” he said.
On questions raised on the Parivartan ushered by the SKM government, Golay said earlier the government servants were silenced, even the chief secretary was silenced. “We have urged them to work as government servants and not as servants of P.S. Golay. We have been working round the clock on the issues of the people where interactions with government servants take place past midnight as well. Now the government is not sleeping but rather galloping.”
Bouncing back on the SDF, Golay said the destruction done by the party in its 25-year-long regime will not be cleared in a month and that his government is processing the damages done by the former 'Head of the House', and trying to find all of that.
“The works done by the previous government are all unlawful, there was no rule or regulations followed, it was merely the work of one person. The government for the past 25 years was completely unlawful. A big example of the same has been One Family One Job Scheme wherein 20,000 jobs were given. After forming the government we looked upon the scheme inviting the DOP and the chief secretary asking them the regulations for the OFOJ scheme, they asserted that there are no regulations concerning the same. Neither has it been approved by the Chief Minister, nor by the cabinet, nor through the State Assembly. There was no law concerning the same and it was merely to lure the voters, it was merely a certificate as there is no record of the same in any of the departments.”
The Chief Minister added that the government has formed a committee to channelize the process to retain the appointees and record all their information and documents as per regulations. “There was no provision of budget so where the salaries would be coming. In the upcoming budget, we have put forth a projection for their salaries such that they are not denied and the process is lawful,” he shared.


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