Delhi covered in thick security blanket ahead of I-Day

Tue, Aug 13, 2019

NEW DELHI: The Delhi Police has made elaborate arrangements to ensure peaceful Independence Day (I-Day) celebrations in the national capital on Thursday.
While the entire national capital has been wrapped in a thick security blanket with the deployment of local police, security, traffic, National Security Guards (NSG), Army and SPG commandos as well as ground to air surveillance, thousands of Delhi Police personnel as well as para-military troops have been deployed in and around the Red Fort following an Intelligence alert.
Hundreds of CCTV cameras have been installed in every nook and corner of the Red Fort, with troopers operating sniper rifles deployed on the roofs of buildings in the area.
With the Intelligence agencies having issued alerts about terrorists using sewer lines and cars to enter areas in and around the Red Fort, market places, buildings, sewer lines, manholes will be sealed ahead of Independence Day.
The agencies have shared 17 locations in the city where attacks may take place. As a preventive measure, police officials are conducting regular checks at market places and bus stops.
Delhi Police officials also added that they have been rehearsing and carrying out mock drills to ensure the response time and action in each situation is apt.
Ahead of the full I-Day dress rehearsal on Tuesday, the Delhi Traffic Police has put in place several traffic restrictions for the general public. The restrictions will be in place on Thursday as well.
According to the Delhi Traffic Police, only vehicles with stickers will be allowed inside Central, Lutyen's and North Delhi. Vehicle without parking labels for the rehearsal, may avoid Tilak Marg, Mathura Road, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, Subhash Marg, Jawharlal Nehru Marg and Ring Road.
The advisory has been put up on Delhi Traffic Police's Twitter handle with an elaborate map of the possible routes that can be taken.

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