Defection cannot be tolerated, protest voices are raising across the State: Bikram Pradhan

Bikram Pradhan
Tue, Aug 20, 2019

Former SDF MLA Bikram Pradhan has expressed his outrage against the SDF legislators who defected to other political parties within three months of being elected.
Ten MLAs from the SDF party earlier this month joined the BJP party while two more MLAs switched to the ruling SKM party. This leaves only the party president and former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling as the sole SDF MLA.
“The people of Sikkim since 25 years have extended all support to the SDF party to form the government. Even in the last election, people voted for the SDF party but we lost against the SKM party. The people gave their trust to the SDF party. The 10 defecting MLAs without taking into confidence the party and workers joined another party. SDF is a cadre-based party and it is a party of every supporter and not of an individual or a group. The step taken by the 10 defecting MLAs is a blunder and we are not going to accept it,” said Pradhan today.
“We are not going to tolerate such undisciplined act from the elected MLAs. We will not allow the defecting representatives to barter to sale our dreams and dreams of future generations for their meager personal gain and security. Is this what was expected as a gift from the SDF party and its leaders after the party supporters from across the State served the party with dedication and sincerity?”, said Pradhan.
Pradhan maintained the party supporters are outraged over such betrayal and are putting pressure on the party to act against such MLAs.
“If this act avails safeguard to a few or a group then is it wise that the entire Sikkim suffers for this? Does every Sikkimese sacrifice their future for few individuals’ interests? Enough is enough. We are going to stand tall and raise voice against the defecting representatives and work in coordination for the welfare and holistic development of the State, keeping its identity intact,” said the former MLA.
Pradhan added that the party workers and voters would have said nothing if the MLAs had served the masses sitting in the opposition bench.
“The development that has taken place recently with respect to the political scenario is really alarming as there isn’t any guarantee with respect to security of Sikkim or Sikkimese. If the national party or the defecting MLAs can give us the guarantee of safety, security to the Sikkimese and Sikkim for generations to come then it was fine but we feel now Sikkim is unsafe and insecure too,” said Pradhan.
Pradhan stressed that he is not alone who is raising voice against the defecting MLAs. Voices across the State have started to rise, he said. The defecting MLAs should withdraw their membership or quit politics at once, he said.
Pradhan said mass resignation from the SDF party is also on the card if the call is not considered seriously.
“It was the suffocation that was inside me considering the recent political development I spoke it out but such feeling is there in every SDF party supporter across the State. I am here not to speak against any political party or individual but to raise voice of concern for the State and the people,” said the SDF leader.

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