Gang fighting in the schools

Tue, Aug 20, 2019

Show of ego or influence of horror movies

Part II

The students of the new generation are greatly influenced by the lifestyle, media hype, music, sports, and movies and more importantly by social media. The movies of negative role, horror, violent scene, vulgarity influence the mind of young people sensibly. They are not well trained to face the various challenges which come in their practical life all of a sudden and unexpectedly, the overflow of different horror movies make a different impact on their mind and sometimes it leads to a psychological disorder. The children suffered from autism and various form of psychosomatic disorder further make an adverse effect, so that, they are disturbed mentally so that during the time of sleeping too, they express their negative feelings in dream constantly and sometimes vociferously, which the parent must notice carefully and consult the medical specialist in time. Most of them undergo for depression due to abuse of substance and alcohol, as a result, they behave strangely in the school and affect adversely to other students also. They express their anguish with the fellow students in the school what the adversity they face at home owing to the detergent punishment of their parent in some of the cases and also greatly influenced by the violence and quarrel occurred among their parents. Under such a situation, the school managing committee, the guardians and teachers must hold meeting periodically and if needed frequently to discuss the problems and find out the suitable situation at an early stage.
By watching the said viral video, many persons commented about the demerits and merits of sharing it through social media. Many persons blamed the media for doing viral the video on social media and ultimately it was removed from the posting from YouTube and Facebook, however, it still appears in some other media. The best part of such posting is that the authority takes action only if media goes on viral and the people in large number discuss the implication of such incidents in a massive way. If the media never publish such a thing, it becomes a common phenomenon and nobody takes notice and try to resolve the issue sensibly and tackle it for good. However, the media also must do some exercise and editing before publishing and act sensibly and legally, the face of some students and victims can be blurred on video editing to protect the right of privacy of the individuals. The sad part of the story is that there is an apprehension of the victim to take some unnatural and worst action for she can feel humiliated in the eyes of the people, whereas the wise girl faces the challenge boldly and set the example for the others to follow. If such an incident goes without notice, the victim will be further subjected to insult from the perpetrator of such crime, after all, it is a wrongful act. But giving detergent punishment and taking legal action is not advisable and wise part in this sensitive case at this stage and age of the students.
 What the best step will be from the society and the authority in such cases is to seat together, make reconciliation; ask apology from the doer to the victim and both of them must maintain the relationship or at least maintain decorum and dignity of their lives studying in the particular school together employing good counseling. After all, there is Juvenile law also protecting the right of the children and teenagers and the opportunity to reform them must be provided. However, it is the final decision of the school managing team, the guardians also to take any action except the detergent or corporal punishment.
Gang fighting, rigging is the offense; however, it happens in most of the institution still today where there is a lack of understanding and better communication among the students. Therefore, the parents, teachers, and society must join hands to combat such a situation and check their children physically and practically and inspire them for positive work and lead a life of a good human being right from the age of children and students. They will regret and repent in future what they do today in the school and spend their valuable time, hitting or rigging will not make the student an influential, potential and well-mannered student, rather it degrades the reputation among the friends and destroy the future too, the students are not known by their antecedent or family background, but by their behavior and the individual success they achieve in their life. Since the very outset, the students must learn to be self-sufficient and act sensibly and politely which makes their name and fame in the world to the new height of success; but involving in fighting or rigging in futility can’t make them strong but only failure or a weak person of egomaniac and they will be discarded by society forever, which is the most unfortunate situation in their later stages of life. The students, therefore, must avoid the gang fighting or quarrel and they must disassociate themselves from committing such crime without the knowledge of law of the land. They must eschew from showing their egoistic and flamboyant physical appearance and strength as a means of expression for their frustration and anguish or be a don like heroic personality among the friends; instead, they must rise above from all kind of hostility and vices, they must stand as a victorious and successful person with magnanimity and humility to each other and lead the life of humanity and peaceful co-existence, setting an example before the world. They must not forget during and after the student life or throughout life that the main objective of their birth on this earth is to achieve success and perform and serve better for the welfare and interest of the people and not involve in hostility, futile gang fighting, and an undesirable action, because the value of human life is precious than any other living creature in the world.

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