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A new emerging art form in the social media platform: ‘EnviroArt’ a new window for environmental awareness


EnviroArt has been already in existence but with the strength of social media being felt and recognized. EnviroArt is become more prominent and well recognized. This meme based art form thrives and is built on the ever expanding social media platforms in highlighting specific ideas and concepts, information, technology, news short videos, cartoons, memes, text messages, chats, emojis related directly or indirectly with our local, regional and global environment.
Since EnviroArt is engraved and evolved in the meme platform. It is therefore important for us to understand in clear terms what ‘memes’ are. According to the online Oxford Dictionary, memes are “an image, video or piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations.” A very simple definition; but, it clearly portrays the basic architecture of the concept of meme. It is easy to design, extremely cheap or zero cost based modern art form, easily disseminated through social media platforms, readily accepted, admired and modified by a vast network of internet users across the planet.
It is quite important to emphasize on the fact that memes have earned a bad reputation in the realm of cyber security and trolling. Often some individuals or malicious groups use highly insensitive and objectionable memes to troll celebrities, politicians, high ranking officials or even ordinary citizens. Some of these are highly vicious in their languages and content used, as well as extremely disrespectful and damaging to the targeted victim or an organization as they become viral quickly on the internet due to repeated shares and forwarding by internet users accompanied with unacceptable and unparliamentary comments.  
But the use of memes in portraying EnviroArt comes from an entirely different and positive perspective. The philosophy behind this comes from the dedicated love and care for our environment. Artists, amateurs and environmental enthusiasts promoting EnviroArt actually do an important service about educating the mass via internet and help increase their awareness regarding various local, regional and global environmental and ecological issues. Often a complex environmental issue is more easily interpreted and presented through a simple well designed meme than a big piece of text or an erudite lecture.
EnviroArt based memes thus play an important role in translating, transforming and disseminating environmental and ecological issues to a bigger audience due to the simplicity as well as a humorous context added to such memes. It has become quite popular and currently looked upon as a pop culture like graffiti wall paintings that convey important messages related to environment to people. It has to some extent catalyzed the environmental movement among common mass through their innovativeness as well simplicity and colourful display from an artistic perspective. As more and more professional artists, amateurs and environmental enthusiasts are joining thus new trend, EnviroArt is slowly becoming increasingly popular among young netizens.
EnviroArt has therefore started a new movement globally in highlighting important environmental as well as ecological issues impacting our lives and livelihoods. From Global Warming and Climate Changes to Biodiversity and Conservation; from the challenges of anthropogenic pollution to illegal wildlife trade and black markets, EnviroArt has been playing a significant role in reaching out to public with an explosive force and rapid dissemination. Several of EnviroArt memes have become viral within a very short period of times with views, likes and shares numbering to several millions! The broad field of social media has provided an energies opportunity for EnviroArt to thrive, evolve and establish itself as a new wing of popular (pop) art in modern and contemporary art circles, exhibitions, publications and business.
Several government and non-government agencies are also using EnviroArt to promote good practices to protect environment or to disseminate local or regional and even global environmental issues or concerns to their respective public or target audience. EnviroArt could even be made interactive by using special programming and Artificial Intelligence tools to make them more appealing and attractive for the public in the not so distant future. Some memes produced as EnviroArt and are vital in the virtual world are quite outstanding in their design and messages they deliver. Some examples of EnviroArt designed by myself are included with the article. I sincerely believe that thus new art form is here to stay and reach higher standards of excellence in the future through new innovations, unique designs, more participation by new generation of artists, commercial demands with industrial scale production along with our passion for protecting our environment.

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