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An Open Letter To Teachers, Parents   And Students

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020 14:15 [IST]

Last Update: Sunday, Aug 30, 2020 08:40 [IST]

An Open Letter To Teachers, Parents And Students


Dear teachers, parents and students,
The year 2020 has been one of its kind. None of us knew what would be in store for us. But, all of us are coping with COVID 19 in our own ways.
Since the closure of schools, due to pandemic, parents, students and teachers have been trying to identify new ways of learning at home and making learning experience an exciting one.
The concept of home learning was novel for all of us and it took time to adjust to this. Not many of us were sure how would we cope with it.
For TEACHERS, it was a totally new way of imparting knowledge as opposed to the traditional way of teaching. Making presentations, checking assignments online, clearing doubts of students through phone, video call was all new.
One of the biggest challenges teachers are facing is how to keep students on board & also difficult to avoid their distractions from other social networking sites during the learning period. Turning teaching materials into digital format at short notice has been a challenge. Also, equally important was to provide a sense of calmness to students that, “Yes, everything will be fine. I am here to teach you. I am here to clear your doubts. I am here for you. All will be ok.” It was important for teachers to take care of the mental health of the students. Yes, a lot of hard work.
PARENTS, already burdened with household chores in this lockdown, had an additional work to educate their wards- being a teacher for them. I can understand this predicament as I have a 4 year old child.
Parents were there to provide emotional support to their teenage child; being their friend in this lockdown. They also adjusted with the mood swings of children staying at home all the time & tried to provide comfort & solace to them. Children observe their parents & in this present time they learnt how to handle a crisis when all the family were together at home. Parents proved to be an anchor of unconditional love and support due to which children have a solid foundation for themselves. Their role has been predominant in this kind of situation.
STUDENTS  missed school. A social organisational for them. A place where they played, pranked, played, learned, danced with their friends. They missed lively interactions with teachers, their morning assembly, recess period, saying goodbye to friends while leaving for home after school.
Staying at home and studying from home have altogether different set of issues for students. Poor concentration, anxiety, stress has been reported. They have been physically disconnected with friends which adds on to the frustration level. Sitting in front of laptop from 9am-2pm is causing attention issues among them. Kids who are so used to playing outside have to sit at home without much of physical activity is a point of concern.
So, it is imperative that teachers, parents, students accept the present situation as a new way of life. Setting a deadline for completing assignment, improve concentration skills, being in touch with friends and teachers virtually are important areas to address. Also, students are learning to study on their own as opposed to feeding from the teachers. Organising their self study ways & also their way of life is something they have to learn.
Conflict resolutions, negotiating skills, maintaining household budget, learning to cook, learning ways of multi-tasking are areas that a child can learn at home.
We are also learning new type of lessons. Coping & adapting with limited resources. Coping with our own selves. These are important lessons. Life skills lessons. Not taught in classrooms.
Do not hesitate to consult a Counsellor for any of your issues. Share your concerns with us and we will be ready to help without any judgements. Your confidentiality is of utmost important to us.
(Ms.Abha Agarwal is a Counselling Psychologist based in Siliguri& deals with issues related to anxiety, stress, parent-child-family relationship, behavioural concerns in children/teens, mobile addiction. Contact: 9733217536
Online consultations available.
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