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Chiropractors provide free treatment for neuromuscular patients

Friday, Feb 14, 2020 14:15 [IST]

Last Update: Friday, Feb 14, 2020 08:44 [IST]

Chiropractors provide free treatment for neuromuscular patients

BAGDOGRA: Thirty chiropractors from New Zealand and Australia, all members of a not-for-profit, secular charity organisation ‘Hands on India’ are working to provide free treatment for the patients here in Bagdogra and its surroundings. The NGO members are focussing on those suffering from neuromuscular disorders by treating through manual adjustment and manipulation of the spine.
Since past two weeks, the team are setting up health camps providing health care to impoverished tea pickers, rock breaker communities, schools children, women’s empowerment groups and general people in and around Siliguri and Bagdogra.
Allistair Baxter, the leader of the team informed that 20 medical experts on Chiropractic and 10 other volunteers from New Zealand and Australia have travelled to India to provide free treatment.
During the last 10 days, more than 20 patients have undergone treatment and have benefited from the service.
The organisation was formed 10 years back after Chiropractors from this organisation saw underprivileged people of India suffering from chronic diseases related to veins, nervous system and bones.
Not only Allistair, his two daughters Lara Jayne and Sherea Rose have also joined the team to provide free treatment for the people here and support to provide quality education for children who were previously engaged in child labour and helping women gain economic independence to further their family and community’s education and standard of living.
According to Allistair, his organisation is supporting 700 students and 200 women for education and empowerment.
Lara maintained, “First is service to mankind. We are here to support people and not for the promotion of what we do and of our organisation. I will speak to you after my work is over.”
Domnic, another member of the organisation has completed his five year degree on Chiropractic and working here in India since last two weeks.
He said that ‘Hands on India’ runs annual volunteer trips taking teams of 30 chiropractors for 2 weeks to provide ‘hands on’ musculo-skeletal care.
Paul Lakra, Surajman Tamang, Sushila Subba, Mishrilal Sharma and hundreds of others who have undergone treatment at Good Shepherd School Church, Bagdogra informed that it was like a miracle for them as the pain had gone within 15 minutes.
Mishrilal said, “I was unable to make my left leg straight since last six months but once the doctor touched, it the pain has gone like miracle.”

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