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Look out for someone who can hold you


I don’t remember how many times I have written about mental health awareness on social media platforms. I receive a lotof queriesregarding Counselling. I am here to address some of them:

First and foremost, please understand your problem has not risen in one single day but is culmination of many past experiences.  What you are experiencing now is all the things you have gathered over for so many years. Letting go all of it at once is going to be difficult.

Counsellors help you to discover your inner thought processes that you have hidden somewhere along the path of life; thoughts that are disturbing you but you are scared to bring out them from the closet.

Secondly,Counsellorsare there to listen to you, patiently hearing you out no matter how long does it take. You can open out your heart out to them and express yourself freely.

Thirdly, they arenot there to judge you. Theyare not telling you whether you are right or wrong. They are not there to do that. You can bare your inner soul to them without feeling judged.

The fourth point, your name,problems remain strictly confidential. Thinking not going to a Counsellor because they might share your concerns to others is a totally false concept. There is nothing to worry about in that regard.

Lastly, people fear coming to a Counsellor because of what society will say. Many stressors and pressures of life bog down us to a level that we stop functioning the way we used to. We all keep thinking of our past experiences which slow s down our lives pace to a level that we stop finding pleasures in many things of life.

There is nothing to fear in visiting a Psychologist. They are doctors like any other physician that you see.

There is a lot of stigma attached to visit a Psychologist thinking people will call them mad. Theculmination of various issues of the past has drained our energy and has made us restless. There is nothing called as MAD.  If you can visit a doctor for your physical pain, why not a psychologist for your emotional pain.

Psychologist, counsellors are there to address your social, personal, occupational, marital issues.Through counselling, these psychologists work with people to identify their strengths or resources they can use to manage problems.

Your Mental Health defines you, as also this pandemic of 2020 has taught us.

Your mental health is everything.

(Ms.Abha Agarwal is a Counselling Psychologist& deals with issues related to anxiety, stress, parent-child-family relationship, behavioural concerns in children/teens, mobile addiction. Contact: 9733217536

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