Covid surge halts normal life in West Sikkim

Wednesday, Jul 28, 2021 12:00 [IST]

Last Update: Wednesday, Jul 28, 2021 06:30 [IST]

Covid surge halts normal life in West Sikkim


GEYZING,: The continuous surge in Covid-19 cases in West Sikkim has become a serious cause of concern for the people of the district.
Since past four days, West Sikkim has surpassed East Sikkim in terms of daily Covid positivity rates as per the daily Covid report of State Health department. Covid cases have been reported mostly from rural areas of West Sikkim with several villages been affected by the contagion.
The daily increase in Covid cases at an alarming rate has hit normal life and economic activities have come to standstill with common people suffering the most.  Several households in rural and urban areas have been contained, construction related and other works have become scarce in the villages and daily wage earners are going through a difficult situation as they have not been able to get works.
Some daily wage earners complained that they had been worst hit with lack of necessary quota of works to manage their monthly need. Some maintained that somehow, they are able to run their kitchen either by cutting down the monthly expenses or by giving up on some necessary basic facilities.
"Situation has gone from difficult to drastic for the people who are dependent upon day-to-day source of income. Lack of employment opportunities even for a week disrupt our entire monthly family budget", a daily wage earner said.
The farmers who are under home isolation after testing positive are not being able to take part in agricultural activities, their source of livelihood. However, good-hearted neighbours are coming forward to help the farmers who are not being able to cultivate their agricultural field due to Covid crisis. In Lower Lumjik ward under Sardung Lumjik GPU, a farmer was not able to plant paddy in his field as a member of his family had been infected and the family was in home isolation. So, the concerned ward panchayat and neighbours initiated paddy plantation in his field on Monday.
Similarly, urban areas have also been going through a stressing situation due to Covid-induced crisis. The drastic fall in trade and business activities has caused irreparable loss to the business stakeholders. Those who have started their business venture through loan facilities are facing difficulty to pay their equated monthly instalment as the business is running low without any expected profits.
"I am financially weak presently as I am running my business without profits since several months and paying EMI, rent of the premises and salary to staff is becoming difficult for me. I am gradually losing hope", said an entrepreneur from Geyzing.
Some section of people have expressed their concern over daily increase in Covid cases in West Sikkim and have appealed the State government to initiate appropriate measures to contain further spread of Covid-19 in West Sikkim. "Some effective measures must be brought in place to prevent Covid cases from spreading further in West Sikkim. We need to be cautious considering the rapid rise in Covid cases", said a local resident.
Others maintained that despite having Covid protocols in place, the surging cases of corona in West Sikkim was alarming and needed proper attention and preventive measures.
Covid Century Run in West
July 24: 139
July 25: 115
July 26: 101

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