‘Enough of your anger and hatred’: Chamling reacts to Golay’s foundation day remarks against him

Monday, Feb 22, 2021 07:30 [IST]

Last Update: Monday, Feb 22, 2021 01:47 [IST]

‘Enough of your anger and hatred’: Chamling reacts to Golay’s foundation day remarks against him

GANGTOK,: SKM must retract shameless threats that they have given to people and make a wholehearted attempt to bring about the change that they campaigned for, Pawan Chamling said on Sunday.
The former Chief Minister and SDF president was reacting to Chief Minister P.S. Golay’s SKM foundation day speech where the SKM president devoted much of his time criticising Chamling.
“When an incumbent Chief Minister issues an open threat in public like that, the only thing I can do is to pray for the people. Such a speech is unimaginable in a civilized country.  No one even in their wildest dreams would think that the Chief Minister of a democratic State would say such a thing. It was perhaps acceptable in the 17th century. Not today. Was he in a sound frame of mind or is he under some kind of mental imbalance?,” a SDF press release quotes Chamling as saying, in response to a weekly question where he was asked to share his thoughts on the SKM leaders targeting him and SDF governance during the SKM foundation day.
Chamling added, “What worries me even more is the fact that there was total silence all over the State. There was no one who displayed the courage to condemn it. This is a dangerous sign which shows that democracy is on the wane.”
The former Chief Minister added that when people make a wrong choice and put wrong people in the place of authority, the results will all be wrong.
Chamling also asked whether the Chief Minister Golay knows that his primary duty is to ensure the security of Sikkimese people. “His primary duty is to protect the fundamental rights of the Sikkimese people, the people’s aspirations, peace in the state, Sikkimese interests and the environment. Standing on the platform as CM and issuing such threats against people is such a disgrace, shameful and barbaric. I, as a Sikimese citizen, hang my head in shame. I, as a responsible citizen, totally condemn such a statement.”
When Golay himself does not know the dignity of such a responsible position of Chief Minister, what else one can expect from those who follow him, Chamling added.
The SDF president added that the SKM leaders, not only in their foundation day speech, but everywhere, chant Chamling mantras, challenging them to finish a five-minute talk without uttering his name and the SDF party.
“The SKM government’s achievements in the last two years so far have been telling lies, conspiring against opponents to force them to join SKM, intimidating people, character assassinations and taking revenge. Chief Minister P.S. Tamang in public speeches says ‘If I find out that some people are going to Ghurpisey, I will be compelled to write ‘dismiss’ on their petition letters’. What does that mean? They are openly threatening people directly or indirectly saying ‘Be aware - you may lose your job, you or your wife or your children or your family members may get transferred, etc’. This is the tactic of a cowardly leadership,” said Chamling, asking SKM to remember the promises they made to the people and fulfil them, instead of using the platform to abuse and threaten him, his party and the people of Sikkim.
“Your job is not to assassinate our character. People did not vote for you to conspire to finish the SDF party. You are there to serve the people, to protect their rights and to ensure the peace and prosperity of Sikkim. Enough of your anger and hatred,” stated Chamling.
“I seriously think that the SKM party must do some soul searching, retract the shameless threats that they have given the people and make a wholehearted attempt to bring about the change that they campaigned for. They must rack their brains, draw up a road map, design programs and formulate policies. Running the government is not child’s play. It is not as simple as organizing a picnic and wildly scolding me and my party. That was fine when they were in the opposition but now they have been voted into the government by the people. They now have the reins of administration not me. Why waste time scolding me? The sooner they realize it the better.”

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