Geyzing reeling under drinking water crisis

Wednesday, Apr 06, 2022 07:45 [IST]

Last Update: Wednesday, Apr 06, 2022 02:11 [IST]

Geyzing reeling under drinking water crisis


GEYZING, : With the onset of dry season, district headquarters Geyzing and some urban areas of the district are reeling under shortage of drinking water since several days. Despite the best effort of Public Health & Engineering (PHE) department to facilitate required supply of drinking water in urban areas, the water supply remains inadequate during dry season.

Some residents of Geyzing opined that drinking water crisis might have been result of either decrease in the volume of water at the sources or increased number of consumers in the town.

With the restriction imposed by the State government on sale of packaged drinking water, people find no others resources to avail the drinking water.  The crowd of people filling their buckets at the lone water source located below hospital road can be witnessed every day. Tenants residing at the various localities of the town also suffer a lot as disruption of water supply means the house owners cannot manage the water supply to them compelling them to depend on buckets of water borrowed from nearby neighbours.

"Sometimes we go through such a crisis of drinking water that we have to beg for a bucket of water to our neighbours. But we understand the hardship being faced by the concerned department to facilitate water supply even during on-going dry season", a person said.  Another person added that sometimes his family had to rely upon online food delivery to manage the food for a day or two.

On Monday, water supply to Geyzing bazar and surrounding areas was disrupted due to a fault in the water supply pipeline along Geyzing-Pelling route.

The areas facing drinking water crisis in the district town Geyzing are Pandey Colony, Lotus Village and some other places.

Some people from the town informed that the time limit of water supply has been reduced to 15 to 20 minutes per day from 30 minutes. However, they have appreciated the effort of PHE department for ensuring drinking water supply though in limited volume.  

It may be mentioned here that most of the urban areas especially Geyzing, Pelling and Legship face drinking water shortage during dry season.

In order to sort out drinking water problem in urban Geyzing, the State government in coordination with the Central government has sanctioned an ambitious drinking water project which will cover the areas around Geyzing Bazaar and 8th Mile Geyzing. As per the information, almost Rs. 70 crore have been sanctioned under the project to facilitate drinking water supply in the town and the project is expected to take off soon.

The people of Geyzing falling under urban areas have expressed hope that with the implementation of the project drinking water crisis would cease forever. "Drinking water crisis remains a major problem for the people of the town and we the project being initiated to curb the issue is commendable and the most necessary", said a local.

Additional engineer (PHE) Pema Sangdarpa stated that increase in number of consumers in the urban areas and reduced volume of water at sources during dry season could be the reason behind drinking water crisis in the urban areas. Sangdarpa shared that the concerned department which is tasked to facilitate water supply mainly for urban areas have been providing to some rural areas considering the people's necessity. He also spoke about drinking water projects being initiated for Geyzing and maintained that the department is serious on the issue pertaining to drinking water.

Even the rural areas suffer water crisis during dry season affecting the seasonal agricultural activities. Zoom Salghari, rural areas of Geyzing-Bermiok constituency and some other rural areas remain affected during dry season forcing the farmers to opt for other means of livelihood apart from agriculture. "During dry season, we shift to other means of livelihood as agriculture sector needs a proper irrigation facility. When water is unavailable, we cannot carry our agricultural activities,” a farmer said.

Another farmer from Middle Geyzing shared that the water he receives for two hours a day is inadequate to maintain his farm.    

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