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Girish Pradhan goes international, teams up with Megadeth drummer to form Firstborne band

Friday, Jun 26, 2020 14:00 [IST]

Last Update: Friday, Jun 26, 2020 08:21 [IST]

Girish Pradhan goes international, teams up with Megadeth drummer to form Firstborne band

GANGTOK: Some of us grow up with a dream of being a rock star, performing to thousands in attendance and getting mad attentions from fans. That has been our portrayal of a rock star but very few reach there, even from the rock music hub of Northeastern India. The rock aspirants in Sikkim settle for cover songs and that solidifies us as a legend among our friends, taking in their song requests, at parties and gathering, strumming a guitar, singing and slapping our thighs for drums.
We may come through as Chris Adler from Megadeth and Lamb of God fame, amidst slapping out thighs playing ‘2 by 4s’ in our makeshift drum at such gatherings. But, Sikkim's Girish Pradhan is truly a rockstar to be reckoned with, because that dream of playing with Chris Adler has been realized for him. Not in a mere tour while he comes to India, which in itself is a great deal for someone from Sikkim or any part of India. But, as a frontman of his band Firstborne.
Adler and Girish Pradhan of Bengaluru-based band Girish And The Chronicles (GATC), came together in November 2019 for a clinical workshop on music and  3-city gig in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Adler was so impressed with Girish Pradhan that they decided to form a band and have come out with their first 5-song EP, which is self-titled Firstborne.
Chris Adler's project also features James LoMenzo who was a part of bands like White Lion and Megadeth and Myrone, Los Angeles-based guitarist. Collectively, they released their EP on Juneteenth, June 19, also as a commemoration to the ongoing protest for Black Lives Matter across US.
Speaking with SIKKIM EXPRESS, Girish Pradhan shared, “It's a huge privilege and honour since school we see dreams in Gangtok of being part of rock bands, heavy metal bands with their own hopes and aspirations. This is one step further showing that musicians in Sikkim do have potential and I feel honoured.”
It was during his tour to India that Adler asserted on working with Girish, and to his fellow guitarist LoMenzo, Adler termed finding the Sikkimese rockstar as ‘striking gold’.  Since then, Adler has been sending tracks to Girish.
“I send back demos to them and they were ‘ok’ with it and wanted to take it forward. I used to record and keep sending it. Over the month we started making lots of tracks and it became a reality. They make tracks in LA through zoom calls, where we discuss and make music, recording live, and writing lyrics together,” said Girish.
One song in particular caught the attention of the music legends and it was Girish who had penned it. 'Anthem' written completely by Girish became the hallmark for the EP, urging the band members to release the entire EP on Juneteenth, the day slavery was abolished in the US.
“I have written most of the lyrics, the ‘Anthem’ song was completely written by me. It's not poetic in nature but speaks straight on point, when before the coronavirus, there was so much protest happening in India and it speaks about such scenario when people were dying on the roads, riots happening, taking all of that, I wrote the song. In the US, ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest had started, taking both the scenarios, this song placed itself as an ‘Anthem’. The lyrics video starts with ‘Anekta Mein Ekta’ which was my perspective and the songs are now picking up on music sites and social media since its release,” said Girish.
‘Primodial’ also written by Girish questions the people if they will change following the end of coronavirus pandemic. "Primodial speaks about crisis like situation happening in the past and how we are not changing despite that, same question we ask during this pandemic with so much changing every day, will we go back to our old lives again?”.
The EP is currently on music sites like Spotify and YouTube while Australia's Rare Records has released on vinyl, cassettes and also collectible items.
Yet, Girish and Firstborne band are yet to get together for a music session collectively or perform together. “We had plans for Australia and India but with lockdown everything is cancelled, so maybe next year onwards we start performing together.”
Adler mentions about GATC when they introduce Girish along with band's songs being promoted, shared Girish asserting that he is still intact with GATC.
On the feedback being received by the band since the release of the EP, Girish shared, “In five days, it's going good. Hardcore Lamb of God fans may not have expected such music as it is more classic heavy metal and hard rock sounding, I may have been chosen because of that as my speciality lies in the genre. But others in the band and their fans have been giving a positive feedback.”
The EP includes five songs and two lyric videos of songs ‘Primordal’, ‘Anthem’, ‘Roll the Dice’, ‘Apocalypse’ and ‘Hunter Hunted’, all of which are available on various social media platforms and music sites.

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