How pets help relieve stress

Sunday, Sep 12, 2021 07:45 [IST]

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How pets help relieve stress


It seems a long time since things were normal. I always had this perception where I thought masks would be a cool accessory. Little did I know my preoccupation would transfigure into reality. We are living in a state where every child is living their dream. Yet, there is no joy and happiness. Rather this plague has resulted in the vice versa of our expectations.
In these tough times, I would like to throw light on our sweetest and friendliest companions who are very good listeners. All of you might have guessed the correct answer by now. It is none other than our beloved pets. A nice woof or purr from our furry friends can make our day cheerful. Not only dogs or cats but any animal which you are willing to take under your care can bring unconditional joy and love to your life.
There are quite interesting benefits of keeping pets other than dogs and cats which are quite popular. For instance, birds are excellent companions for older age groups as they help in keeping the mind sharp and also enhance social interactions. Just taking a tour in a fish aquarium and watching fishes also help reduce pulse rate and lower our blood pressure. Various studies have proven that people with pets have lower chances to suffer from depression, lower blood pressure and one successful case exhibited a person with borderline hypertension who adopted a dog. Five months later there was a massive decline in his blood pressure level. More engagement with pets such as dogs and cats helps in escalating levels of dopamine and serotonin which makes us calm and relaxed. Pet owners also show low levels of cholesterol and those with heart conditions tend to survive longer than people without pets.
The principal reason behind these significant changes are due to the fulfilment of the basic human needs for touch, care and affection done by pets. A hardened criminal also show various changes in his behaviour when interacted with animals as he/she will experience that mutual affection for the first time. Those who smoke, drink also loosen up and get relieved from stress and anxiety when they start owning a pet. Pets also make major changes in our health as they increase our body movement and make us active constantly. For example, taking your dog for a hike or playing catch in the park are great exercises for the body. They also boost our social life by helping us meet new people as they can act as the catalyst when interacting with another pet owner.
Simultaneously, they are also increasing our confidence level to talk to new people their presence makes us more comfortable which reduces our anxiety. One of the beautiful benefits of a pet is they never make us feel isolated or lonely which are the key reasons for depression. Their company helps to prevent illnesses and add more years to our life. Having a pet also gives us a sense of responsibility and adds a structure to our day. They are just like little children which need constant care and in turn, give us joy and happiness which is priceless.
We know pets are great friends and playful buddies who benefit younger children while growing up. But for older people to pets provide multiple welfares. As we age we start to lose things that gave us purpose to work and occupied most of our time. Like people who have retired from their jobs have no more work or tasks to keep them busy which might make them feel alone and isolated. Therefore, pets can be that purpose to bring joy in life and also help in keeping them occupied. It is evident that pets are lovable and it is inevitable to deny that. In the same breath, people mostly love pets that are of higher breeds and not those which are not a high breed type. Meaning that they are willing to pay for pets but would not choose to adopt them. A very common reason is due to the perception that they are stray and have no value. I firmly believe all pets are the same and there is no caste system dividend among them that values are distributed.
I would like to shout out to a non-profit NGO of my home state Sikkim called ANIMAL RESCUE CREW (ARC). Even in these difficult times, they have taken risks and time to help stray animals by feeding them, adopting them and also providing them with medicine. ARC is a small NGO founded by a group of students. Their board consists of Sogyal Norbu Bhutia- president, Krishna Attali- vice president, Ayushi Dahal and Sahana- board members and Kinchok Choden Bhutia and Aishani Pradhan as general secretaries. My small request is to the readers who are willing to donate or help them by adopting the pets which they rescue. Please do help them as they are putting in their efforts even in these scary times and any sort of pet can be a great company or a lifesaver as well.
Details for contacting the NGO: Email:
Phone number- 91 6296 854 227, 91 6294 529 406, Facebook: animal rescue crew, Instagram: _animal.rescue.crew_  

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