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Kundalini: Esoteric Path To Higher Self & Better Mental Health


Kundalini is the cosmic energy that invigorates, revitalizes, and provides life to every living organism on the planet earth. Saivites worshipped Kundalini as a goddess of divine feminine power. According to the tantric texts, this divine power lies dormant at the base of the spinal cord, the Mula-adhara chakra. It remains dormant until it is activated through yoga. The serpent is an expression of our higher and lower consciousness. God is manifested in the downward flowing creative power, Kandarpa (responsible for the creation of off-springs) and also in the uplifting current Vasuki(responsible for the divine realisations).  With the practice of Kundalini yoga, this latent power is trajected upwards through the central nadi(sushumna) to the crown chakra(Sahasra). Through regular practice of yantra, tantra, mantra and meditation, the Kundalini energy is realized. through the practice of Kundalini yoga, this latent power is trajected upwards through the central nadi(sushumna) to the crown chakra(Sahasra), leading to the spiritual development of the seeker. The purpose of human life is to ascend the spinal centers(chakras), where each chakra reinforces the progression of the human consciousness.
The Kundalini Yoga system proposes certain yogic postures, pranayamas & asanas to liberate the Kundalini energy from the base of the spinal cord towards the crown chakra.
Sir John Woodroffe, also known as Arthur Avalon, was a renowned British Indologist, who studied and translated the Tantra Shastra and propagated Indic wisdom to the western world. His books Garland of Letters and The Serpent Power are a treatise and have been adapted for the Kundalini Yoga practice by the western world.
The realization of Kundalini is a mystical experience that is beyond myths, black-magic and superstitions. During the Vedic period, Shiva-Shakti was worshipped through the Tantra-Shastra, using Tantra, Mantra, and Yantra and today the scientists have realized this through Physics, Astrophysics, and Metaphysics. The present hi-tech world is a creation of the Kundalini energy.
What is the serpent power? Consider a snake whose tail has been cut. The part which is cut does not die and keeps wriggling. If the entire body of the snake is cut in various pieces, its each body part shall live till the brain of the snake is destroyed by crushing its head. This serpent power, is the coiled wisdom power, like a spiral of the magnetic tape of an old cassette player. This life energy Kundalini is indestructible and the living forms acquire birth and rebirth. Like a sapling, germinating from a seed becomes a tree, similarly when the tree decays, its consciousness once again converts into seeds and this eternal process goes on. Life energy is eternal and the life-death-birth chakra has no beginning or end. "To end is to begin& to begin is to end" is the mantra and the divine dictate. This is Kundalini the serpent power- the entwined male & female power of Shiva-Shakti!
According to Dr.D.C.Varshney, an eminent Indologist from the University of Lucknow, the ashrams and gurukuls during the Vedic period were centers of excellence where activities related to scientific research & development were performed under the guidance of our Rishi-Munis. Due to the various attacks by the invaders, the knowledge(explicit as well as tacit) was codified in the form of Tantra Shastra. This tacit knowledge was realized through the yogic practice of Tantra-Yantra-Mantra Sadhna. The mantra was an empirical equation (example NH3+HCL = NH4Cl, yantra was the apparatus, and tantra was the catalyst & the atmospheric conditions needed for the chemical phenomenon to occur. Just by reciting the mantra, the scientific experiment could not be completed and this was only possible in sophisticated laboratories. Later, as the centuries passed, the key to deciphering the tacit knowledge was lost and a lot of superstitions and malpractices got initiated in the name of the tantra. Evil and unscrupulous practices got promoted in the name of Tantric practices.
Earlier, Kundalini was worshipped as a Goddess but the knowledge of realization of Kundalini energy through serpent power is one of the greatest scientific achievements of the modern world. In the present age of supercomputers, the power of the human mind in form of the serpent power is an important achievement and its truth must be dissipated to the society as lots of superstitions revolve around it. Adi Parashakti (Primordial energy) the divine feminine power, is mentioned as a noun Kundalini Shakti, the coiled serpent(the Sanskrit adjective Kundalini means circular like a coiled snake) in the Upanishads. It represents the innate intelligence of the embodied Consciousness. Bhagwati(the dual meaning of enjoyment and coiled) has been visualized as Shakti and the upward trajection of prana(the vital force). This is the union of Shiva-Shakti which signifies physical pleasure as well as spiritual liberation(moksha). The Shiva-Shakti is the creative(generative) force of the planet earth.
The human body is the tantra- where various process such as- the Digestive system and the Excretory system, Endocrine & Exocrine system, Circulatory system, Immune & Lymphatic system, Renal & Urinary system, Nervous system, Reproductive system, respiratory system, and Skeletal system are organized as specific biological systems that enable the human beings to function in the day to day life.
Kundalini corresponds to the latest neuroscience researches. It has been established that the neurotransmission takes place in the brain and the spine only. Neuro-transmission is a process by which signalling molecules known as neurotransmitters, are released by the axon terminal of the neuron and it binds to and reacts with the receptor cell (dendrites) of another neuron. Neurons form complex biological neural networks through which nerve impulses travel. There are several neurotransmitters like Glutamate, Acetylcholine, Dopamine, Norepinephrine, Epinephrine(Adrenaline), etc and neurotransmitters can be excitatory or inhibitory. These neurotransmitters are responsible for many types of physical and psychological functions of our bodies including heart rate, body temperature, breathing, appetite, mood, pleasure, memory & fear, etc.
The seven chakras of our ancient Indic wisdom represent the human body systems. The mula-adara chakra is the gut. The neuroscience researchers have provided a lot of scientific evidence about the gut-brain axis.
The gut-brain axis holds the key to unlock the mystery of Kundalini Energy. The gut-brain axis GBA is the relationship between the GI tract & brain function and development. The GBA includes the central nervous system CNS, neuro-endocrine & neuro-immune systems including the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis(HPA), sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous system, the vagus nerve, and the gut microbiota.
The human nervous system comprises of the central nervous system CNS, peripheral nervous system PNS and Enteric Nervous system. Biochemical signalling takes place between the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) and the central nervous system (CNS). This axis is a bi-directional link between the central nervous system and the enteric nervous system and a lot of its mechanism is unclear. Neuroscience researchers have now confirmed that there are two brains in the body and the gut is the second brain in the body. The gut-brain axis (GBA) involves direct and indirect pathways between cognitive and emotional centers in the brain with peripheral intestinal functions. It involves complex cross-talks between the endocrine, immune and the autonomic nervous system. Within the gut, there are 10^14 microorganisms (microbiome) which is ten times more cells than there are cells in the human body. These microbiomes are the super-organisms in the human gut and play a very important role in our bodies. Any disturbance to these microbiomes is supposed to be associated with neuropsychiatric disorders, metabolic disorders, autoimmune diseases and allergies, etc which affect human beings. A newborn gets exposed to the vaiginal microbiota and its microbial signature gets influenced. This is the Kundalini, the life-giving energy to all living organisms on planet earth.
According to the Dr.S.K.Varshney, renowned legal psychologist and professor of Law, University of Lucknow, Kundalini is the ability to take the right decisions. Sun as the supreme  source of life energy and intelligence (cosmic consciousness)  shall support the spiral-wisdom(serpent power) system within our Tantric nervous system We need to shun all sins to realize this eternal energy. We need to take care of our sleep-wake-exercise cycle and align ourselves to the Sun god. Sun provided succour and life to earth. We must inculcate good habits to have great mental health and wisdom. The human mind contains the greatest code where "self" operates to give overall support. As each cell of the body has a mind, we must utilize every inch of our gross bodies. We must also do no harm to others. We should remain in the cover of positive morality. Live & let live and save life on the planet earth is the divine dictate. Through Kundalini yoga, we align our body systems and processes and get access to the divine consciousness. We take the right decisions, do the right actions, get into healthy relationships and realize our full potential.
The Kundalini Shakti is eternal. Life is Shiva-Shakti & Shiva-Shakti as cosmic energy is the ultimate emotional aspect of life as Bhakti. Bhakti alone covers consciousness, mind, man, matter as narrated in the norms of the spiritual school of jurisprudence.
Kundalini Yoga is mental practice!
Neither Miracle or a trick
Lets' adhere to Spirituality,
World's only Reality!

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