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The Director-General,
World Health Organisation (WHO)

     Being highly concerned with side effects of medicines like Lopinavir and Ritonavir used in treatment of Corona virus, I propose for simple homeopathic remedies, which have no side effects and will quickly suppress the symptoms of viral infection, for the benefit of the world. These remedies used by me for years for treatment of viral infection including flu, including myself and my family members and others with cent percent rate of success. The following are the remedies as well as their doses.
Names                                     Potency
1) Rhus Toxicodendron     30
2) Allium Cepa         30
3) Arsenicum Album         30
4) Bryonia             30
5) Aconite Napellus         30
6) Lemna Minor         30
7) Sulphur             30
8) Belladonna             30
9 Gelsemium             30
These all remedies are to be taken in equal quantity and mixed up in a bottle of say 60 ml and in case of symptoms like irritation in/runny nose, irritation in throat, fever/feverish, cough, lethargy for no reason, headache then this mixed-up remedy is to administered in a single drop dose every five/ten minutes interval according to the severity of the case, later when improvement is felt by the patient, then time gap for taking medicine is to be gradually increased. Medicine is to be continued until fully cured, actually the patient will begin to feel better in a single day. Or, it can be done like this: take a half cup of boiled water and pour between 20 and 30 drops and the patient is to be administered the remedy one teaspoonful every five/ten minutes according to the severity of the symptoms. Minor symptoms will vanish within hours.
      In case the sputum of the patient starts thickening then the following remedy can be given between four and six times a day in a single drop dose. One drop of medicine can be taken simultaneously with the above remedy mentioned in the above paragraphs. The remedies
for cough:
 1) Mercurius Solubilis 200
 2) Nitricum Acidum 200
 These two remedies are to be mixed up taking them in equal quantity and administered as directed above.
Since these are time-tested remedies without any side effects will do miracle in arresting the symptoms of Corona virus.
Other precautions like avoiding exposure to cold, cold water, cold food etc have to be literally followed. Besides, food should be light and easily digestible. No fruits or salads or any raw vegetables are to be taken during illness except fresh lime juice mixed with warm water or hot vegetable soup by sprinkling little black pepper powder can also be taken or light Horlicks etc if the patient does not like only plain water. Plenty of liquids with citrus fruit juice must be taken to take care of Vitamin C deficiency.
As far as possible non-veg items have to be avoided because patient will not be able to digest and that will aggravate illness. Avoid any item that triggers diarrhea/constipation, because patient will be rendered weak.
For increasing immunity there is a great remedy identified by me: Baryta Iodata 3X, one gram dose daily any time to raise immunity, if available Baryta.Iodata 2X will be more effective. Dose is the same.
It is not that allopathic drug only is capable, but on many counts modern medicines fail to treat many diseases, which can be easily cured by homeopathy.
Hopefully, the WHO will come out of its prejudice of modern medicines in the greater interest of humanity. Just order for its application and observe its miraculous
effects in arresting the spread of Corona virus.
May God bless mankind!
Your’s etc.,

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