Sikkim Police nabs 5 from Kolkata over cyber crime cheating case

Saturday, Mar 06, 2021 07:45 [IST]

Last Update: Saturday, Mar 06, 2021 02:10 [IST]

Sikkim Police nabs 5 from Kolkata over cyber crime cheating case


GANGTOK,: Sikkim Police CID (Crime Branch) have arrested five persons from Titagarh under Barrackpore in Kolkata in connection to a cyber fraud where a Sikkimese woman lost nearly Rs. 5 lakh.
The five persons had been nabbed in two phases in the last week of February with help of the local police in Kolkata. The action was taken following a complaint made last December to the Sikkim CID (Crime Branch) by the victim.
Speaking to media on Friday, SP (CID) Tenzing Loden Lepcha shared the details of the complaint, investigations and arrests made.
The victim used to make purchases online through a popular e-commerce site which also offered lucky draws for its customers.
On November 11, the complainant received a call from someone claiming to be from the e-commerce site wherein she was informed that she had won the lucky draw. She was sent a link to get the lucky draw gift with the condition she needs to purchase only one item worth Rs. 5,000. With this hook, the complainant was also convinced that she had won a Dell laptop for which she needs to pay Rs. 11,900 as GST.
The lady deposited the said amount in the given bank account. She then got a call stating that the deposit could not be transferred due to server issues and was asked to resent another Rs. 11,900 with the assurances that the earlier amount would be credited back.
This kept happening and by the end of all these transactions, she ended up depositing Rs. 4.96 lakh. Realizing that she been conned, the lady then lodged a complaint with the Sikkim Police CID (Crime Branch).
The case was taken up by Investigation Officer PI Abishek Dahal assisted by Vijay Basnet whose investigations led to the accused persons at Titagarh. Assisted by four Sikkim Police personnel – Lnk Sanjay Subba, Lnk Yogesh Rai, constable Pranay Tamang and constable Chwong Bhutia – the two police officers went to Kolkata and rounded up the five accused persons.
The accused persons were Amit Shaw, Sujit Singh, Md Shahnawaz, Binay Kr Gupta and Dipak Das. They are presently in police custody.

IP address traced on CM Facebook page hack case
The cyber crime fighting unit of Sikkim Police have found a digital footprint during its investigation of Chief Minister P.S. Golay’s official Facebook page being hacked.
The Chief Minister’s verified social media account had been hacked on the evening of February 27.
Speaking to media on Friday, Sikkim Police CID (Crime Branch) SP Tenzing Loden Lepcha informed that investigations being conducted have found a digital footprint – an IP address – connected with the hacking of the social media page.
We have found a digital footprint outside the State and we will be sending a team across to verify it, said the SP (CID).
“Unlike in other cases where we bring people on suspicion basis, in cyber crime it is done only once when the person is 100% verified. We have found the IP address and the only thing we have to do is to identify the person who was using that to cause mischief,” said Lepcha.

Sikkim at a Glance

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