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SIMFED MD stress ‘no political pressure’, says ‘sufficient time’ was given to Bijay Chamling for completing supply of computers

Wednesday, Jan 15, 2020 14:15 [IST]

Last Update: Wednesday, Jan 15, 2020 08:38 [IST]

SIMFED MD stress ‘no political pressure’, says ‘sufficient time’ was given to Bijay Chamling for completing supply of computers

Staff Reporter
GANGTOK: SIMFED managing director Pawan Awasthy on Tuesday maintained that sufficient time had been given to Gangtok-based Zaynun India to settle the computer supply order before the FIR was lodged against the firm proprietor Bijay Chamling.
The FIR was lodged by Awasthy at Gangtok Sadar police station on January 3 after the firm failed to deliver the computers to SIMFED despite taking Rs. 1.77 crore as advance in 2013-14 and then allegedly ignored all reminders from the State government undertaking.
A case of cheating has been registered against Bijay Chamling, the son of former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling.
Awasthy, to a question, stressed that there was no political pressure on SIMFED to file police case against Bijay Chamling.
“We have been regularly writing to the firm to supply the remaining computers or refund the amount given to them. We wrote to them multiple times in 2017, 2018 and 2019 and these letters have been received and acknowledged. We also sent a legal notice to them but they did not come forward. We are also under the pressure of Education department who had given funds to the SIMFED to supply the computers and they need to submit an utilisation certificate to the Centre. Hence, the FIR situation came finally,” said Awasthy.
Awasthy, who took charge as the SIMFED managing director in November 2017, chronicled the sequence of events which finally compelled the State undertaking to take a legal recourse against the errant firm.
As per the SIMFED, the agency was given a work order by the Education department in December 2013 to supply 364 computers. The computers were meant for government schools under the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan with funds coming from the Centre.
Accordingly, Zaynun India was given the work by the SIMFED to supply the 364 computers by March 31, 2014 and an advance amount of Rs. 1.77 crore was also given to the firm owned by Bijay Chamling.
The firm supplied 95 computers only within the given time and the remaining 269 computers were left to be delivered by the firm.
“The SIMFED was following up the matter when I took charge of the organisation in November 2017. We wrote repeated letters to the firm asking them to complete the supply of the remaining computers. The letters were received and acknowledged but they did not supply the computers. Lastly, we sent a legal notice to the firm but even then, no response came,” said Awasthy.
At the same time, the SIMFED was under pressure from the Education department who started asking for the computers which the department had paid for. In December 2019, the SIMFED received a strong letter from the department asking that the remaining computers are supplied or action would be taken against the SIMFED, it was informed.
Having exhausted all options, we had no other option but to register a complaint with the police against the firm, said Awasthy.
It was informed that all the relevant files and documents have been submitted to the police for investigation.

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