SKM will form Govt again in 2024: Indra Hang

Tuesday, Sep 21, 2021 07:30 [IST]

Last Update: Tuesday, Sep 21, 2021 02:00 [IST]

SKM will form Govt again in 2024: Indra Hang


‘Adhoc teachers’ protest was backed by SDF’
GEYZING,: Lok Sabha MP Indra Hang Subba on Monday maintained that the recent dharna by a section of adhoc teachers at Gangtok was backed by opposition SDF party.
“A small section of adhoc teachers had protested against the new policy introduced by the SKM government. The policy was for the greater benefit of all adhoc teachers. This small section of adhoc teachers were not in need of a job and had little to do with regularisation of their jobs because their sole ambition was to become Netas under SDF party. They had the backing of SDF and that is why they were protesting against the policy which is beneficial for all adhoc teachers,” said Indra Hang.
The Lok Sabha MP was addressing the SKM Yangthang constituency-level coordination meeting held at Geyzing here.
Indra Hang mentioned that the former SDF government started adhoc appointment system without a proper policy to address the regularisation demand of the adhoc teachers.
“It was the SKM government that formulated an effective policy within a short span of time to resolve the issues faced by the adhoc teachers since several years. It was unfortunate to witness protests from a section of adhoc teachers against a policy which was beneficial in all aspects,” said Indra Hang.
“The policy of the SKM government for adhoc teachers was sincere and gave justice to them. That is why 90% of adhoc teachers staged a counter dharna in support of the new policy. The protesting adhoc teachers had to call off their dharna as 90% adhoc teachers were in favour of the new policy,” said the Lok Sabha MP.
Addressing the SKM workers, Indra Hang expressed that more numbers of people were coming forward to support the SKM which reflected the good governance of SKM party. He called for unity and proper coordination amongst the party workers adding that both old and new members of the party should have equal responsibilities to take the party forward. He stressed for need of sense of equality amongst the party members keeping aside the notion of old and new members. Indra Hang maintained that SKM party will form the government again in 2024. SKM party will again form the government and we have no doubt about that, he said.
In his brief address, Agriculture minister Loknath Sharma deliberated on various developmental works initiated by the SKM government. The SKM government is working sincerely in various sectors and the desired changes have been achieved, he said. He mentioned that the rapid progress in the health and agriculture sector have been achieved within two years of SKM forming the government.
Sharma also stressed that the party workers from all levels should act as a bridge to establish a network between the government and the common people. He urged the SKM functionaries to work in tandem for the larger benefit of the party as a whole keeping aside personal difference and clashes of egoistic opinions must be avoided amongst the party workers.
"The real strength of the party is defined by discipline, dedication, coordination and unity of the party members", Sharma said.
Minister and area MLA Bhim Hang Subba also pitched for unity, coordination and commitment amongst the party functionaries. He expressed that the party workers have to play a pivotal role for prosperity and progress of SKM from all levels.
During the programme, several families from Yangthang constituency joined SKM after quitting other political parties.  

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