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State responsible for increase in Covid cases: NawinKiran

Thursday, Jul 16, 2020 13:15 [IST]

Last Update: Thursday, Jul 16, 2020 07:45 [IST]

State responsible for increase in Covid cases: NawinKiran

GANGTOK: Socio-political activist NawinKiran Pradhan has criticised the State government on several fronts in the wake of surge in Covid-19 positive cases in the State and imposition of lockdown in Rongli and Pakyong subdivisions in east district.
Expressing concern over the spurt in coronavirus cases, Pradhan, the Sikkim Subject Committee (SSC) vice convener today said, “Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have always tried to get the State government focused on the issue, but the recent hike of Covid-19 cases in Sikkim spreading at the community level is worrisome.”
Stating that the first phase of lockdown imposed since March 25 had severely affected the people, especially the poor and the working middle class, Pradhan statedthe pandemic cannot be taken lightly and at the same time, people also have to learn to live with the virus.
“The State government, as well as the Health workers have been working hand-in-hand to contain the virus, and so far, none of the patients have lost their lives, which itself is an achievement. But, if the situation gets worse, Sikkim will lose to the virus, which is our major concern. According to sources, the State has 50-60 ventilators, and people from this side do not have the major health facilities. So, we urge the public to live by themselves and not depend on the State government,”expressed the SSC vice convener.
He questioned the State government as to why the situation got worsealleging that the State government is somehow responsible for the increase of Covid positive cases in Sikkim.
“The increase of the positive cases in the Rongli subdivision started from the RongliGREF camp. This is possible because the law is not equal for everyone in Sikkim. In a pandemic like this, the law should be equal for the public, military and paramilitary personnel. If the law was same for all, Sikkim would have been free from the virus. But now Sikkim has almost 200 cases, which is sad. The State government should take blame for this,” said Pradhan.
Nawin also questioned the authorities about the recent unauthorized entry of GauriShanker Gupta from Melli checkpost on July 1.
“The Chief Minister himself clarified that it was due to miscommunication, but we had demanded for judicial enquiry regarding the case. We still don’t know where the case has led to. The public have been following all the rules and regulations imposed by the State government during this pandemic, and it is only the influential people who are not following the rules. The Mellicheckpost case is not the only issue, there are various other such issues,” he stated.
The SSC vice convener condemned the restriction put on movement of private vehicles starting today and questioned as to how taxis are safer than private vehicles. He urged the State government to lift the ban on movement of private vehicles and allow them to ply on odd/even basis.
Pradhan further objected the political events and meetings underway in different parts of the State, stating that it attracts gathering and social distancing is not maintained. He expressed that it violates the Covid social-distancing norms.
In view of the Students Rights Day commemorated by the ruling SKM on Tuesday, Pradhan expressed that instead of a celebration to mark the occasion, action against the wrongdoers who lathi-charged the students should be investigated and punished. Only then the students will get justice, he concluded.

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