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Friday, Apr 03, 2020 12:30 [IST]

Last Update: Friday, Apr 03, 2020 06:45 [IST]

States asked to circulate lockdown laws for strict enforcement

New Delhi (IANS) The Home Ministry on Thursday directed the states and the Union Territories (UTs) to "strictly" implement the 21-day nationwide lockdown measures and circulate penal provisions under the specific laws among people and authorities to stop violations.
Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla stressed on the subject through a letter to the Chief Secretaries of all states requesting them to implement the lockdown measures in "letter and spirit".
For the attention of the public authorities and citizens, Bhalla suggested the states that the penal provisions under the Disaster Management Act,2005 and the Indian Penal Code (IPC) should be widely circulated and action shall be taken by the law enforcement authorities for violation of lockdown measures.
In the letter, the Home Secretary also attached the extracts of penal provisions of Disaster Management Act, 2005 and the IPC, in bilingual version.
Referring to the lockdown measures issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs on March 24 -- the day when Prime Minister announced the restrictions for 21-days -- Bhalla said it was clearly mentioned that "any person violating these containment measures will be liable to be proceeded against as per the provisions of Section 51 to 60 of the Disaster Management Act. 2005, besides legal action under Sec. 188 of the IPC".
The Home Secretary also gave reference of a letter issued to the states on March 31 wherein it was requested to strictly implement the lockdown measures issued by Ministry of Home Affairs in exercise of powers under Disaster Management Act, 2005 in letter and spirit, without allowing any exception.
In a letter to the states on Wednesday, the Home Secretary had also mentioned the observations and directions of the Supreme Court which mentioned "we trust and expect that all concerned viz.. state governments, public authorities and citizens of this country will faithfully comply with the directives, advisories and orders issued by Union of India in letter and spirit in the interest of public safety".
The Home Secretary's directions came as the Ministry came to know that the lockdown measures were being violated on various places across the country which could harm the purpose to isolate the people that is necessary to break the chain of novel coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown will continue till April 14.

Sikkim at a Glance

  • Area: 7096 Sq Kms
  • Capital: Gangtok
  • Altitude: 5,840 ft
  • Population: 6.10 Lakhs
  • Topography: Hilly terrain elevation from 600 to over 28,509 ft above sea level
  • Climate:
  • Summer: Min- 13°C - Max 21°C
  • Winter: Min- 0.48°C - Max 13°C
  • Rainfall: 325 cms per annum
  • Language Spoken: Nepali, Bhutia, Lepcha, Tibetan, English, Hindi