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Temi supplies incense sticks to market leaders

Saturday, Jan 25, 2020 13:45 [IST]

Last Update: Saturday, Jan 25, 2020 08:11 [IST]

Temi supplies incense sticks to market leaders


NAMCHI: Incense sticks made by workers of Temi Bamboo Factory under the Temi Tea Estate in South Sikkim is set to hit the market as reputed agarbatti brands. Started as an initiative to provide both livelihood and rural empowerment, the unit has sent its consignment of 1,000 kilos in incense sticks to agarbatti major ITC India Limited. The current supply is the biggest consignment supplied from the unit which has already been producing incense sticks for Cycle brand of incense sticks. With the two reputed buyers aboard, Temi Bamboo Factory is now moving towards imparting training in quality control for competitive edge over companies from China and Vietnam.
Established in September 2019 under the project 'Technology Center for Bamboo Industry in Sikkim' on a Central funding pattern of ratio 90:10, Temi Bamboo Factory’s prime focus is on agarbatti sticks making so that the new industry can support the locals, nearby villagers and handicraft workers in getting processed raw materials like split bamboo, planned bamboo for mats, etc.
Since its operation, the production unit has facilitated various training programmes on incense sticks making, handicrafts and other allied processing to the factory workers and nearby villagers through bamboo technology experts from across the country. It has also been providing assistance and training in setting up other bamboo allied industries in the State like the one in PoklokKamrang near Namchi in South Sikkim.
Apart from that tea plantation in the Temi Tea Estate, the bamboo plantation drive was initiated to supplement its raw bamboo requirements as well as to promote bamboo plantations in the surrounding areas. About 17 hectares of uncultivated land was identified and utilized for bamboo plantation with local varieties as well as other non-local varieties suitable for agarbaati stick making and other allied bamboo industries.

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