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The United States of America is supposed to be the oldest and India is the largest democracy in the world. Peoples Republic of China is the most populous and controversial one with link or no link to lab created animal virus. Whatever happens therein, makes news.
But it is the writ of the US which has mattered ever since the League of Nations came into being after World War I, to be replaced by the UNO on 24th October 1945, subsequent to the second version of the Pan World War.
While 193 countries are members of the latest conglomeration, only five nations, led by the US matter primarily due to the Veto power they enjoy not because of their size but past might or their erstwhile' insight.' No other country is permitted to cross the 'Laksman Rekha'.
Majority of the veto wielding members agree 'in principle' to India's claim for entry into the exclusive club but the matter does not go beyond a few mutually pleasing 'declarations'.
Earlier phenomenon of open war took the shape of cold war to soon get converted into 'de tant' phase (relaxation of cold relations). It was followed by the guerrilla warfare of Black September type, aimed mainly against the Jews. Now, unfortunately, suicide bombers dominate which cannot possibly have any parallel or competitor. So to say, if one is determined to die for any cause, he or she cannot be called to have been vanquished by the destiny.
Technological innovations in the so called developed world, led by quintessential USA, facilitate, abate, accelerate and augment such unforeseen developments.
Against such a negative backdrop, shall we see the unfortunate and shameful episode of 6th January in USA? To say the least, the self-proclaimed super power does not have only a chequered history, it ironically, also happens to be the birth place of Abraham Lincoln, who defined democracy as the rule of people, by the people and for the people. Needless to say, people of the US, who laid the foundation of the modern democracy way back in 15th century,
gave shock waves to their own Capitol Hill. And the same inspiring history supposedly propelled President Donald Trump to instigate, march and carry forward the never seen onslaught on the seat of the Parliament. So much so, that their lanky but firm and vocal Speaker had the guts to urge the Vice President Pence to move a Cabinet resolution to remove the 'home grown terrorist ' President or else, the US Parliament was to meet again to impeach him for the second time.
One may, however, note that the Vice President, on his part, is not competent to decide so under the circumstances because of his 'running mate' status. But one feels encouraged by his show of courage already to display his disagreement with his outgoing boss's insinuations to the Republican supporters through the social media.
It is the same brand of emerging media that had helped Trump immensely once, to shrug him off permanently.
Having acknowledged defeat for the first time since November 3 election, he has now vowed orderly transfer of power.
 As it is too late in the day, US Parliament may have to decide appropriately not only to show its mettle but also to warn those responsible for loss of five innocent lives for safeguarding the will of the people.
Whether claims or counter claims in regard to rigging of polls in 'darkness' hold fort, should ideally be subject to a judicial scrutiny and review by their Supreme Court.
Alternatively, if desirable, one may suggest invoking the powers of the International Court of Justice, a Court set up by almost now defunct and powerless UNO. One should not be saying but it is a Court that takes up cases in a pick and choose manner, to decide them at leisure, in bits and pieces.
In the post-20th January scenario, USA may like to think afresh prior to meddling with internal affairs of many war ravaged countries. Having withdrawn from the Middle East, taking silly steps of getting closer to North Korea or taking interest in Hong Kong and Taiwan was uncalled for. At the same time, she may stop encouraging others to be a signatory of a convention, bereft of her own commitment, USA, to remain in reckoning, needs to gradually re associate herself with the world bodies, embarrassed by her when their own Uncle Sam was in his heydays.
An Internet comment going viral says - 'Due to travel restrictions the US had to organize the Coup at home' completes the picture. It also shows the writing on the wall. Shall we resort to wait and watch policy in the sub-continent also for the inevitable to become imminent. Bypassing the legislature is likely to boomerang.
(The writer is Ex-Chief Secretary, Government of Sikkim)

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