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Wednesday, Jul 08, 2020 12:45 [IST]

Last Update: Wednesday, Jul 08, 2020 07:12 [IST]

The decision to open schools should be left out of education mafia pressures

Amid the Corona crisis, the Ministry of Education has issued an order that the state government may open schools if it wishes from July. Meanwhile, more than 5 state governments have also issued orders to open schools since July, but the question and concern are whether the school management is ready to open schools, meeting the health standards, and all over the country. Parents are ready to send their children to the schools that have been opened since July or they are in a dilemma about the future and life of their children at this time. Coronavirus infection will be difficult to control because the school is open now. Corona's positive cases are increasing. In such a bad situation, if schools are opened and children are sent to school, then it will be more difficult to control the spread of infection. It is difficult to manage toilets separately for each child within most government and private schools and compliance with community distance rules is also not possible.
 According to experts and media reports, there is a strong possibility that the effect of corona will remain for a few months and the graph will increase. Now the question is, what will happen to his studies? Will his academic session become a missed year in his education? Bypassing the debate, it is reasonable to assume that keeping the future of the country safe is the top priority. As far as the completion of the syllabus is concerned, it should be set anew in such a way that some parts can be added in the next year or the basic should be completed from the online platform so that at least its understanding is developed in the children. In such a situation, the role of parents will be important, as well as those children who come from illiterate homes will have to find some options for such children nearby.
It is not right to hurry to open the educational activities of children in one place by opening schools. If the session is not started in August also then it will not be possible to complete the syllabus. As far as it is necessary to promote students of the primary and secondary level to the next class without assuming zero years, it is necessary to do the same due to emergency arrangements, and now the school, the university has also issued such notice. But at this stage, the foundation of children should not be weakened. The educational calendar of the country is also of great importance as the entire planning of the future depends only on the youth emanating from educational institutions. But the survival of the students is the most important and for that, even if the entire academic session has to be canceled, do not hesitate.
According to media reports, the Ministry of Human Resource Development is currently in no hurry to open schools. The Union Minister of Human Resources has removed the uncertainty by stating the date after August 15, but some states in India, despite all these, are involved in the exercise of opening schools. Don't know what their compulsion is? I think the school is under pressure from mafias. Today we have thousands of ways to educate children in this technological age of emergency. Children can be taught at home by online or digital study, so why so early in opening schools? Why so quick to open schools during the global epidemic in which social distancing is the only remedy? Governments should not open schools until the corona vaccine is introduced. Education should not come under pressure from mafias. Such people are neither worried about life nor the future of children. If they are worried, just to collect the fees. Do not the children studying in government schools have a future, why are they not raising their voice?
What will happen to the rules on opening schools that are necessary to avoid this epidemic? How will social distancing happen? Today, when cases are increasing in the country, the opening of school will prove to be a Corona explosion everywhere and small innocent children who are safe in their homes for the last two months. Such a step would be unnecessarily messing with the lives of those children, and education would be necessary if they lived, otherwise what work did they do. These cases of opening schools are related to the rigging of billions of fees. If the children do not go to school for six months, then nothing is going to deteriorate. The course will be completed again, where will life come from? Anyway, moral education is less taught in our schools today, who will teach how to deal with problems? When we are not able to learn to wash their hands and brush well, then send the children to school in the hope that they will teach children how to deal with corona.
When making any decision, think about children once, children are careless and they will not be able to follow social distancing. Today, big people in the country are not able to follow the social distancing, so how can you think that children will understand this easily. Control everything before it is not too late. Today everyone knows that this virus spreads through contact with each other. Children cannot live without it, they will come in contact. Anyway, the months of June-July are of rain. In such a situation, the virus will spread faster and a single case will prove to be explosive in schools. In such a situation, sending children to school means sending children in front of cannibals. If the government is concerned about the future of the children, then the school should not be opened until the corona vaccine is ready or it seems that the matter is now under control.
Methods of education are about to change, for which teachers and students are in dire need of being prepared and working in a new way. Alternative plans are not able to prove viable, yet we have to find alternatives. In the future, special care needs to be taken regarding the health and safety of students, cleanliness in schools. Because no matter how many rules should be made, it will be difficult to get children to follow social distancing after school opens. The government should take such a decision away from the pressure of private school operators and education mafia, who are worried about the fees, charged more than the health of their children. In this affair, he is trying to play with the lives of children. The government will have to think a million times. Somewhere this school should not become a laboratory. The example of Israel is before us where thousands of children and school staff got infected with Coronavirus as soon as the school opened. One view has concluded that schools should not be opened for the time being, as corona infection is increasing, which will also put a huge risk on the lives of children. Until the treatment of prevention of corona is not invented, the government and departments should not force schools to open.

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