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Transport dept launches e-governance initiatives to ease vehicle owners, public

Friday, Jul 03, 2020 15:30 [IST]

Last Update: Friday, Jul 03, 2020 09:55 [IST]

Transport dept launches e-governance initiatives to ease vehicle owners, public

GANGTOK: The State Transport department has launched a number of e-governance initiatives for the convenience of vehicle owners, commuters and common people.
Sharing details of the initiatives in divisions like Motor Vehicles and Sikkim Nationalised Transport (SNT), Transport department secretary Raju Basnet today told a news conference that the initiatives have been taken in collaboration with the National Informatics Centre (NIC) to offer convenient services to the beneficiaries. 
“There were few initiatives taken since last year and theresponse from the beneficiaries was very encouraging. The successhas been due to the support from theState government, the Chief Minister,the Transportminister, political willand bureaucratic efficiency,” said Basnet.
According to the Transport secretary, the Motor Vehicles Division has now become more organised and digitised resulting in accountability and transparency. Also, the enhanced revenue collection will positively impact the economic growth of the State severely hit by the pandemic, he added.
The Motor Vehicle Division had initiated the online tax payment system last year and elicited a positive response from the users. In the month of June, almost 48 percent or Rs.81.67 lakh of the total Rs.1.78 crore in tax collected was through online mode.
Basnet mentioned that the online tax payment is for all categoriesof vehicles. Apart from online tax payment system, the department incollaboration with NIC has also rolled out mobile app Mparivahanwherein the tax payment option exists and application is being used by many users in the State.
The other service initiated is ‘Dealer Point Registration’ whereinonline registration of vehicles from dealers point was implementedsince November 2019. The system has not only eased the tedious jobof running around for registration but has also given financialrespite to the people as they now do not pay for the High SecurityRegistration Plate.
In addition to the existing services, the department has decided tofurther extend services though online mode like transfer of ownership,wherein the beneficiary can apply and make fee payment online, book atime and date slot to visit RTO office for signature only.Similarly, Hypothecation endorsement, cancellation and continuationalso can be applied online along with paying requisite fee online and visiting theRTO office on the date and time of appointment slot booked by thebeneficiary for the purpose.
Now, duplicate registration certification canbe appliedonline and make requisite fee payment and visit the RTO office on theday and time of appointment booked.From now onwards temporary and special permit can also be availedthrough online system, added secretary Basnet.
Basnetstated that there existed some fraudulent practices inthe sector which used to cause loss to the government exchequer in thepast.“We identified such grey areas and rectified the same and thisrectification will directly benefit the government with respect torevenue collection. Following the rectification to stop the fraudulentpractices we have also introduced Bank Receipt verification system.
“The online system for all services is one such initiative and apartfrom that we have also started API sharing with the State Bank ofSikkim where the bank receipt can be verified by entering detailscorrectly while processing transaction in the Vahan and Sarathiportals. From now onwards the transaction can be completed only if thebank receipt is genuine, forged bank receipt will not be accepted bythe system,” he explained.
The department has also planned ofsharing contact details of the officer in-charge for differentservices in the website, wherein all other services not covered by theonline system will be covered.
The Transport secretary maintained that under SNT, the department has initiatedonline supervision charge collection system too. He shared thatsupervision charge collection is a major part of the governmentrevenue generation which is being undertaken by SNT. Over Rs.30crore of revenue generated through the supervision charges collectedfrom the check posts and other operational depots during the financialyear 2019-20.
Furthermore, the SNT in collaboration with NIC Sikkimand NIC Uttarakhand is currently developing an online web applicationfor the booking of SNT buses too. The portal named ‘SNT Online’ isin the final stages of production and will be soon made online.Through this portal, passengers wanting to travel by SNT buses can booktheir tickets online from the comfort of their homes using theircomputer or mobiles.
With respect to the relief package for the drivers,secretary Basnetinformed that the process of preparing the list of beneficiaries wastedious and first list of beneficiaries has been prepared.

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