We don’t need 25 years to make our progress count: Golay

Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021 07:45 [IST]

Last Update: Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021 02:16 [IST]

We don’t need 25 years to make our progress count: Golay


GEYZING,: Chief Minister P.S. Golay on Tuesday attended the 6th foundation day-cum-world peace prayer held at Rinchen Choeling monastery of Megidara near Rinchenpong bazaar.
In his hour long speech, the Chief Minister maintained that SKM government does not mix politics with the issues pertaining to religious and cultural sentiments of any community of the State. He added that under SKM government, a secular religious environment has been ensured wherein any individual is independent to work freely for the welfare of their respective community without any political pressure.
“We don't take politics to the religious places because the politics should not be mixed with religion. We do not carry political flags at the religious places as we want any religious function to be devoid of any political colour”, Goley said.  
The Chief Minister mentioned that religion helps to create a disciplined, moral and healthy society. He added that SKM government would give equal opportunity to all communities of the State for propagation, preservation and promotion of their distinct cultural heritage in the form of religion, culture and traditions.
In his address, Golay accused former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling and SDF party of using religion as a political tool. Under 25 years of SDF government, religious secularism was completely manipulated, he said.
If some section of people say that 'Parivartan' as promised by SKM is not visible yet then they should be aware about the secular and tolerable environment that SKM government has created where the people are free to practice and propagate their religions and cultural heritage and where the government employees do not have to fear political pressurization while doing their duties, said the Chief Minister.
Golay maintained that everybody cannot witness change but the positive changes in various sectors are gradually taking place. Though a holistic change as sought by the people cannot be initiated within two years of government formation but SKM government has been working to fulfil the aspirations of the people with utmost dedication, he said.
Speaking on developmental commitment of SKM government, the Chief Minister asserted that he will come before the people with the government's progress report of five years. He maintained that the people should not compare SKM government with 25-year-old former SDF government in terms of progress and development. "Don't compare us (SKM government) with 25 years old former SDF regime. We will give our progress report within our government's five years tenure. We don't need 25 years to make our progress count,” said Golay.
He informed that the developmental promises made to the people in his party's manifesto are being fulfilled gradually. The SKM has not forgotten the promises to the Sikkimese people, he said.
The Chief Minister also accused the former SDF government of leaving the State's administrative affairs in complete shambles. He shared that the new government was compelled to start everything from the beginning to ensure the administrative reforms. It was hilarious on the part of SDF to question the SKM government on developmental issues when SDF for 25 years failed to work for the Sikkimese, he said.
The Chief Minister promised to initiate further development of Rinchen Choeling monastery through the State government. He informed that further developmental works of the monastery would be started after finalisation of the project.
A developmental fund was allocated to the monastery by the State government on the occasion. The Chief Minister handed over the cheque to the monastery management committee.
The monastery management committee also felicitated the Chief Minister on the occasion.

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