CM welcomes Shyari MLA Tenzing Lamtha into SKM family

Thursday, Jul 11, 2024 08:45 [IST]

Last Update: Thursday, Jul 11, 2024 03:14 [IST]

CM welcomes Shyari MLA Tenzing Lamtha into SKM family


Lone Opposition MLA returns to Ruling Front

GANGTOK,: Shyari MLA Tenzing Norbu Lamtha, the lone SDF legislator, on Wednesday returned to the ruling SKM. With this switch, the SKM now secures an absolute majority with no opposition members in the Sikkim Legislative Assembly.

Lamtha met Chief Minister & SKM president PS Golay at his official Mintokgang residence and officially joined the SKM party.

The Chief Minister shared via social media that Lamtha, having left the SDF, has officially joined the SKM party.

“During our discussion, he raised several commendable concerns related to the welfare of his constituency. I also welcome his proposals to work collaboratively for the benefit of the entire Syari constituency, aiming for the comprehensive development of the area and its people,” said the Chief Minister.

The SKM had clinched 31 Assembly seats out of 32 seats in the recent 2024 Assembly election. The party lost the Shyari constituency to Lamtha, who was contesting as a SDF candidate. Now the 32-seater Assembly has SKM legislators only, though by-elections are due in two vacated constituencies of Soreng-Chakung and Namchi-Singhithang.

After meeting the Chief Minister, Lamtha attended the SKM ‘Vijay Utsov’ programme at Reshithang ground, Upper Burtuk constituency. He was formally inducted into the SKM by the Chief Minister in front of the large gathering of party functionaries and workers.

Addressing the programme, Golay said the return of Lamtha back into the SKM family makes it a ‘Bateesh ma Bateesh’ (32 out of 32) feat for the Krantikaries in the Assembly. Now that party which ruled Sikkim for 25 years is non-existent in the State, he said.

In his brief address, Lamtha recalled his association with the SKM from 2019 to early 2024. He thanked the Chief Minister for giving him posts and responsibilities in both the party and government during this period where he could work for the people and youth of Shyari constituency.

The Shyari MLA expressed that even though he won from the constituency as a SDF candidate, the SKM had also won from Shyari since the party’s Lok Sabha candidate Indra Hang Subba had collected more Parliamentary votes than other candidates from this constituency.

Lamtha recorded his happiness on being back to the SKM and thanked the Chief Minister for taking him back into the SKM family. “I am grateful that the Chief Minister took me into Team Sikkim for the development of Shyari and in the interest of the people. I was out of the party for four months due to circumstances but my thoughts were always with the SKM. I have come to work for the party and the people of Shyari,” he said.





Sikkim at a Glance

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