Ram Patro Memorial Awards 2022-23

Thursday, May 25, 2023 07:45 [IST]

Last Update: Thursday, May 25, 2023 02:04 [IST]

Ram Patro Memorial Awards 2022-23

Excellence in Journalism Award for Yougan Tamang

Best in-house working journalist award for Deo Kumar Darjee

GANGTOK,: The Ram Patro Memorial Award for ‘Excellence in Journalism 2022-23’ was presented to journalist Yougan Tamang on Wednesday during the award ceremony held here.

Soreng-Chakung MLA Aditya Golay handed over the award to Yougan Tamang in presence of IPR secretary Namrata Thapa, Chief Minister’s press secretary Bikash Basnet, SIKKIM EXPRESS and Himali Bela family, PCS president Shekar Khawas, JUS president Bhim Rawat, and members of Sikkim media fraternity.

Yougan is the co-founder of digital news media platform Sikkim Chronicle.

Similarly, the Ram Patro Memorial Award 2022-23 for ‘Best Working Journalist in SIKKIM EXPRESS & Himali Bela’ was presented to Himali Bela sub-editor Deo Kumar Darjee.

Deo Kumar Darjee received the award from the IPR secretary.

The annual Ram Patro Memorial Awards for recognising excellence in journalism has been constituted by SIKKIM EXPRESS and Himali Bela in memory of their founder Ram Patro.

In his acceptance speech, Yougan shared that it was his maiden award in journalism field. I come from an academic background but I took up journalism as a choice by founding Sikkim Chronicle to bring a paradigm shift in Sikkim media sector, he said.

After seven years in this field, this is my first journalism award and I am super excited about this, he said. He thanked his parents, Sikkim Chronicle family and the Ram Patro Memorial Award committee on the occasion.

Similarly, awardee Deo Kumar Darjee thanked the Ram Patro Memorial Award committee for recognizing his work through the award. He also expressed his gratitude to the seniors who guided him in journalism career.

On the occasion, SIKKIM EXPRESS accountant Hema Sundas was felicitated with a letter of appreciation by SIKKIM EXPRESS.

Addressing the gathering, Soreng-Chakung MLA Aditya Golay congratulated the awardees and extended his best wishes to them for further milestones in their journalism career. He recalled his early association with SIKKIM EXPRESS during his school days and lauded the Ram Patro Memorial Awards initiative. SIKKIM EXPRESS is the oldest English newspaper of Sikkim and we look forward to its golden jubilee celebration happening in the next few years, he said.

IPR secretary Namrata Thapa, in her address, spoke about the importance of journalism for democracy and the initiatives taken by the State government under the leadership of Chief Minister PS Golay for empowerment of media here. She added that the State government also recognizes the contribution of media through annual awards.

The programme was also addressed by Chief Minister’s press secretary Bikash Basnet. He highlighted the steps taken by the State government to build the capacity of local journalists through exposure trips and fellowship programmes.

Earlier, SIKKIM EXPRESS editor Amit Patro presented the welcome address while vote of thanks was delivered by Himali Bela sub-editor Dilli Ram Dulal.


Sikkim at a Glance

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  • Population: 6.10 Lakhs
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