Amazfit Verge Review

We all are living in a world of technology and globalization. We need to use certain electrical gadgets ever now and then. One of them is the mobile phone. There was an old tradition of wearing wrist watch. There was a time when a person was seen with respect, when people see he/she is wearing a watch. A person’s dignity was directly proportional to the person’s watch. As mobile is very easy to watch time either, the trend of watches had gradually gone away a few years back. But now, the technology is making things more attractive to the people. The concept of smart watch came into the society where the person can use the watch for various purposes and even for the purpose of phone as well. One of the latest smart-watch is the Xiaomi launched Amazfit verge.

The smart watch is launched by Xiaomi backed company Huami under the Amazfit brand in India very recently. The watch costs as reasonable as that of around 12k. This watch comes with 512MB of RAM along with a 4GB internal storage. The device is powered by the Huangshan N. 1 processor which is world famous. Amazfit is compatible with both Android and iOS devices with a 390mAh battery that guarantees 5 long day charge back up.

The smart watch is available with an array of sensors like accelerometers and light sensor. Besides, there are geomagnetic sensor, gyroscope and air pressure sensor. It is available in three different colors of twilight blue, moonlight white and sky grey. There is another unique feature of this watch, it has wearing detection sensor.

Design - This smart watch is not that street smart when it comes to the design. The smart watch has a round plain dial of 1.3 inch AMOLED display screen. The pixel resolution is 360*360 pixels. The display screen is guarded with a corning layer of Gorilla glass 3 on the top. It is available with a rubber wrist strap that makes it look like one of the dummy watches that kids love to play with. This durable build protects it from any kind of damage from falling. At the upper half, you can see the current time on the screen in the same old watch reminiscent fonts with the battery life blinking above it. Below the time, there is the day info and surprisingly the heart rate. At the lower half, you can get some real important information about your recent actions like the amount of calories you have burnt.

Performance- Amazfit takes 2 hour to 2.5 hours to get fully charged. It is a very light weight watch. Because of the rubber bands, it fits perfectly on the wrist of anyone. And the best part is the rubber bands get really dried soon of sweat after the workout. It you swipe left from the home screen there you can get icons for health, heart rate, sports, sleep, activities. Besides there are phone, music, alarm, timer, stopwatch, compass and settings icon. You can switch the watch into various different activity modes along with actions like run, walk, jog, cycling, trade-mill, training, trekking, trail run, skiing, tennis and many more. Under the settings icon, you can get the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can listen to your favorite music in this as well. You can set the language, brightness, volume, vibration and time format from there. The brightness needs to be near maximum to watch the display screen clearly. But, increasing the brightness means faster battery drainage. If you want to be aloof, you also have this ‘DND’ and Airplane mode options.Just like a computer o laptop, this watch also has sports history that shows out the total distance you have covered wearing this device. It also displays the number of times you have dine a specific activity ad how much calorie you have burned till date. If you use this device for 30-45 minutes every day, the full battery charge will last and properly work for 4-5 long days. If you use it more than the slotted time daily, you need to recharge it regularly as well. You can fit a tracker on the smart-watch named Amazfit watch app available in the Google Play-store.One of the best features of this device is its perfect motion sensing. It automatically detects the motion of your actions when you run or walk. It will create an auto alert vibration that will draw your attention to your wrist when you start changing your motion without changing the motion of the watch. The vibration will be of a message indicating the change in your motion. And it will ask you whether you want to change the mode of the watch in that mode. It is very much health conscious as well. If you sit for a long time wearing this, it will send you notification to get up and roam around a little bit to burn the calorie and keep yourself healthy. It also measures your heartbeat accurately most of the time. It takes 10-15 seconds to show you the heart beat, by that time it will miss that time’s heart rate.

Drawbacks - Firstly, it is said that if you shake your hand for once, you will get the display light on. Though it is true but not for all the time. At the times when the shaking thing does not work, you need to press the side button or touch the screen to see it. This is a great disadvantage even after being a digital smart watch. Also, sometimes one touch to the icon does not make it work. You have to tap for two-three times to open it. So, the touch screen is not very instantly receptive to touch.So apart from the above mentioned two issues, every other thing in this watch is unique and accurate. You can get it a little cheaper if you buy it from zoutons related online sites.

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