HMI honours first principal on 65th anniversary

HMI honours first principal on 65th anniversary
Tue, Nov 5, 2019

Our Correspondent
To mark the 65thanniversary of the HimalayanMountaineering Institute (HMI), a program was held in the institute today where the bust of Major Narendra Dhar Jayal, the founder principal ofthe institute was unveiled along the release of the first of itskind documentary ‘Making of Mountaineers’.
HMI principal Jai Kishan said the foundation stone of the institute was laid on 4thNovember1954. “On 1953, the summit of Mt. Everestwas done by the legendary Tenzing Norgey Sherpa and Edmund Hillary. After this success, the then Prime Minister of India JawaharlalNehru wanted a mountaineering institute in India so that it was aninspiration to the youths and the process to form the HMI wasstarted.”
“Our core activity is to do mountaineering courses along withencourage mountaineering. Our duty is also to host mountaineeringexpeditions with our Indian flag and instructors. Along with climbing,we are also trying to make people aware of issues of global warmingand environmental concerns,” he added.
The HMI also has different programmes lined up in the days including a summit of seven highest peaks in seven continents alongwith a climbathon from Chaurkhang base camp in Sikkim.
“We have recently started Mission 7 summit. Our institute has climbedMt. Everest twice and now we want to climb the highest peaks of sevencontinents from which we have already climbed three of them and willsoon climb the rest. We are also planning to organize a climbathonfrom next year in our training area which is the base camp ofChaurikhang which stands at a height of 14,600 feet.”
“We will try toclimb three peaks without getting down to the base camp. This will beopen for the trainees and mountaineers and they will come and climbthe peaks in the shortest time. One requires about twenty days to onemonth in an expedition but in a climbathon we will climb three peaksback to back from one base camp which will be done in about fifteendays. The participants will get an opportunity to climb three peaksand by doing this, the cost of the expedition will also go down,” saidthe HMI principal.
The three peaks that climbed in the Mission 7 summit includeMt. Everest, Mt. Elbrus in Russia and Mount Aconcagua in Argentina.
According to the HMI principal, ‘Making of Mountaineers’ isthe first movie that will highlight the kind of training andequipment is required for mountain climbing. “It shows the groundpreparation, high altitude training and training on snow. We startedwork on the documentary from April this year. The total duration ofthe documentary is about 2 hours 20 minutes and it requires furtherediting so that we can break it in three phases so that people canunderstand it better,” he said.
In the documentary, apart from the training required, the use ofequipment is also shown along with the Chaurikhang base camp area,training and glacier rescue.

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Rainfall: 325 cm per annum
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