Paini Kumari villagers demand army to reopen thoroughfare

Wed, Nov 6, 2019

Our Correspondent
Residents of Paini Kumari Naya Basti under Simulbari have threatened to close down the road demanding that the road to their village which has been closed by the army be reopened.
The villagers met the ADM with the issue today here and submitted a memorandum demanding the opening of the road. “The main problem is that the road to our village has been closed by the army due to which many people are facing problems with many in our village being daily wage earners. We appeal to the army that they open the road for which we have also submitted memorandums to them along with the Central government,” said Rinku Singh, a local resident.
The road leads to important places likes schools, banks, panchayats offices and connects about four villages. “If we do not get a positive response soon, we will close down the road at Rohini,” she added maintaining that the road has been closed for about two months now.
According to the memorandum about 6,000 people are affected by the closure of the road.
Another resident Laxmi Limbu added the villagers are also ready to agree to the army’s terms and conditions on the use of the road but it should be opened as it the lifeline to reach places like schools, Sukna hospital among others. “If it took us 15 minutes to reach a place now it takes almost 7 hours as we have to take another route. The other route is also not safe as we have to cross a river and we feel that there are a lot of miscreants hanging around the place. Moreover, the road through the tea garden is also not safe,” Laxmi lamented.

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