Coordination meeting for Census 2021

Coordination meeting for Census 2021
Wed, Nov 6, 2019

NAMCHI (IPR): A district level co-ordination meeting on population Census 2021 was held at the conference hall of DAC here today. The meeting was chaired by Yashoda Bhandari, Director of Census Operations and also present were DC (South) Ragul K, ADC (South) Satyan K. Pradhan, ADC (Dev) Rabongla and Namchi, SDMs, BDOs and other officials from various departments.
Addressing the gathering, Yashoda Bhandari deliberated on the importance of census in the country and the State. She explained in detail the logistics involved for carrying out the census duty by the yet to be appointed supervisors and enumerators of the district.
She also informed that the 2021 census will be conducted through a mobile phone application and in all the four districts of the State, the district magistrate concerned will be responsible in efficiently executing the process of census.
Additionally, Bhandari updated that census will be divided into two phases and that the first phase will commence from April 2020. The first phase will include house listing and housing census (HLO) and updation of National Population Register (NPR).
She further updated that necessary training will be imparted to the supervisors and enumerators of census 2021. She added that the administrative unit in the south district is updated and jurisdiction changes have also been incorporated.
Presentations on Time Line of Population Census 2021, Administrative Units as on 31.08.2019 in Sikkim, appointment of census functionaries and training, methodology of population, publicity, printing and logistics for Census 2021 were communicated to the attendees.
Speaking during the meeting, DC Ragul directed the officials to identify appropriate enumerators. He also added that enumerators should be separated on block-level basis for systematic and efficient implementation of Census 2021.
An interactive session with attending officers to help them understand and prepare for Census 2021 was also held. During this session, valuable suggestions and feedback were considered.

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