Meet for Childline service extension in North Sikkim

Meet for Childline service extension in North Sikkim
Thu, Nov 7, 2019

MANGAN (IPR): A day-long programme on expansion of Childlineservice in North Sikkim was conducted here at the District Collector’s chamber, Mangan today.
The programme was presided over by North District CollectorTenzing T. Kaleon and attended byADC(North)Surat Gurung, North CMOD.C. Sharma, ASPMahendra Subba, Education department district in-chargeSajan V. Sebastian ofChildline Foundation, BDOs,CDPOs, Child Welfare CommissionMingmaDoma Bhutia, DCPOWendy Lepcha, heads of departments, representatives from NonGovernment Organisations and Bhavisya Bharat Foundation.
The Childline Service which comes under Ministry of Women & Child Development is a telephone service where anyone can report child abuse and exploitation in the district through phone by dialing 1098. The service works in collaboration with various Child Protection Units and NGOs in the district.
DC Kaleon said the BDOs play main role in the rural areas to spread awareness about children’s rights against abuse and exploitation to the general public in the district. The stakeholders present in the meeting should have a broad view and in-depth knowledge of seriousness of violation of children’s rights before disseminating information about the Childline Service to the public. He directed the BDOs to spread awareness about the Childline Service during gram sabha meetings.
The Childline Foundation district in-charge gave a brief history on Childline Service which provides 24-hour free service for children in need or care and protection. In his power point presentation, he gave information on how the service works in the other three districts of Sikkim. He encouraged the stakeholders to spread awareness through rigorous outreach, door to door awareness programmes and skits to spread awareness of Childline service in the district to help children against exploitation and abuse.
DCPOLepcha sought support from all the stakeholders to propagate awareness on Childline Service in the district. She hoped that the NGOs and various departments of the government will collaborate with District Child Protection Unit for dissemination of ChildlineDervice. Children are the future of our community who must be protected from abuse and exploitation at all cost, she said.

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