Sikkim NewarGuthi to celebrate silver jubilee on Nov 9-10

Sikkim NewarGuthi to celebrate silver jubilee on Nov 9-10
Fri, Nov 8, 2019

Sikkim NewarGuthi (SNG) has lined up a series of programmes to celebrate 25 years of its establishment. To commemorate the silver jubilee, the Guthi is set to organise a two-day grand event at Manan Kendra here on November 9 and 10.
Addressing media at Press Club of Sikkim here today, SNG president D.K. Pradhan stated that the first day of the event would witness the grand finale of Newar Folk Dance, Newar Musical Instrument, Open Talent Hunt and Bhaiju and Maeju Sikkim competitions.
Seven teams under Newar Dance, four individual performances under Newarinstrument, 18 participants under open talent hunt and 10 competitors each under Bhaju and Maeju Sikkim would be competing for the trophies. Amidst these, EMRSGangyapchoir group would also perform live with number of musical items.
The inaugural event is scheduled to be attended by TransportminsterSanjitKharel as the chief guest.
On the second day, a grand cultural programme would be organized which would be attended by Chief Minister P.S. Golay as the chiefguest.
On the occasion, founder pioneers, members, advisory council and special guest Ganesh Ram Lacchy would also be felicitated for their contribution to the cause of Newars of Sikkim. Dentam, Melli and SingtamSakhaGuthis would also be felicitated with citations for their outstanding contribution in the field of language, culture, tradition and food.
Awards and trophies for academic excellence in class X and XII, open talent hunt, Newar instrument and Newardance competitions would also be awarded.
The Chief Minister would also be felicitated with a citation for formation of the new government.
The SNG president mentioned that the celebration would end with grand musical evening at Manan Kendra wherein renowned artists from within and outside the State like Suresh Kumar, Pushpan Pradhan, Banika Pradhan, RemantiRai among others would be performing live. The evening musical events would be attended by ministers KungaNima Lepcha and Karma Loday Bhutia as chief guests on November 9 and 10 November. The entire events would be held in a most eco-friendly manner without the use of plastics and other non-biodegradable substances.
The press conference was also attended by SNGvice president H.P. Pradhan, general secretary Anita Pradhan, youth secretary Sushan Pradhan and publicity secretary Shyam Pradhan.
The Guthi, a non-profit organisation registered with the government of Sikkim, was established in 1994 with a vision of preserving and fostering the rich culture and traditions, to promote and develop its language and to protect the interest of the Newar community in the State.

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