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Expelled Morcha councillor cries politics

Expelled Morcha councillor cries politics
Thu, Nov 1, 2018

DARJEELING,: Noman Rai, the Darjeeling municipality councillor of ward number 6, who was recently expelled from the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, today claimed that he could have been removed from the party for taking part in paying homage to Barun Bhujel, who died in police custody last year. Rai, who was last seen paying homage to Bhujel alongside GJM Bimal Gurung faction leaders, said he had attended the October 25 programme as a family friend.
Gurung had appealed people across the hills to mark the day as Shapath Diwas (Oath taking day) and pay homage to Bhujel even as the Binay Tamang faction termed it as a Paschyatap Diwas of repentance day.
“I have not been given any reason as to why I have been expelled from the party or any show cause issued against me. I was with the Binay Tamang camp so I do not see any reason I was expelled. The only reason I see is that it could be as I went to offer homage to Bhujel who is my family friend and was also a sitting councillor of Kalimpong municipality,” said Rai adding that it was sad that this type of politics was being done.
Maintaining that he will be continue as a ward councillor in the hill civic body, Rai said, “I have a responsibility to the people in my ward so I will continue to work for the ward. As for my political fate, I will have a meeting with the people of my ward and accept whatever they decide.”
On the other hand, the Binay Tamang camp leader Alok Kanta Mani Thulung said Noman Rai attended a programme which our president had already said would not be observed. “This is a clear violation of our leader’s order and was taken out for anti-party activities,” he said.
Party spokesperson Suraj Sharma said, “If he was a family friend then he could have gone to pay homage to Bhujel at any other time but what was the reason that he had to go and attend the programme on that day which our party president had asked not to be observed. There is a party constitution and he went against it which is the reason why he was taken out.”


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