CM inaugurates Chenrezig Shingkham Riwo Potala

CM inaugurates Chenrezig Shingkham Riwo Potala
Fri, Nov 2, 2018

‘Sikkim has now become an Abode of Gods’


PELLING,: Chief Minister Pawan Chamling on Thursday inaugurated the Chenrezig Shingkham Riwo Potala project, located near Sangha Cheoling monastery hill top and about 1.5 km away from Pelling town in west district.
Funded by the Cultural Affairs department and executed by the Buildings & Housing department, the Chenrezig Shingkham Riwo Potala would be another mega tourism pilgrimage attraction for Sikkim. The complex spread over 8.5 acre of land has a 135 ft statue of Lord Chenrezig and a mosaic of religious artifacts and modern attractions like the skywalk in the courtyard.
It was informed that first phase of the project – about 80% of the work – has been completed leading to today’s inauguration. Twenty percent of the project will be taken up the second phase which includes construction of a multi-purpose hall, courtyard, landscaping and open air theater.
Addressing the gathering of monks, devotees, general public and invited guests, the Chief Minister said the transformation of Sikkim as an abode of Gods under the 24 years of Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) government has been completed with the consecration of Lord Chenrezig statue.
For the Buddhism followers, Sikkim is now a Tsolum Trolsum as we have now three mega statues of Lord Buddha (Tathagatha Tsal at Rabong), Guru Rinpoche (Samdruptse at Namchi) and Chenrezig at Pelling, said Chamling.
Sikkim has become a holy land and an abode of Gods, said Chamling.  Now people entering holy Sikkim can leave their shoes at Rangpo or Melli if they really follow their faith, he added in a lighter vein. The dream of SDF when the party was formed is now complete…we wanted to make Sikkim a Shingkham and abode of Gods and this dream has been realized today, he said. Perhaps the Gods wanted us to do this work and hence, sent us here, he said. He urged the people of Sikkim to maintain the sacredness of Sikkim for posterity.
The Chief Minister also urged the people to evaluate the work done for Sikkim and Sikkimese by the SDF government in the past 24 years. We have made Sikkim the best place of the world to live in, he said.
If you are not happy after getting a Chief Minister like Pawan Chamling then you will not be happy even if your own God comes down to work as the Chief Minister, said Chamling. He asserted that he works as per the suggestions of the people of Sikkim.
There is no remote control from outside to control me…the remote control which moves me is within Sikkim and they are the people of Sikkim...I work as per their orders, said Chamling.
The Chief Minister also announced an in principle sanction of the second phase works for the Chenrezig Shingkham Riwo Potala. We will sanction the funds for the second phase works during the budget session in March-April next year and works will immediately start and right now I announce that the second phase works funds have been sanctioned in principle, he said.
The Chief Minister earlier laid the foundation stone of the ropeway system from Pelling town to near Sangha Cheoling monastery near Chenrezig Shingkham Riwo Potala. It would be a monocable detachable ropeway system starting from behind Pelling senior secondary school and stretches for 1.7 km up to near Sangha Cheoling monastery.
The ropeway project from the Tourism department costs Rs. 108.39 crore and is to be completed within 24 months from the date of project work commencement. It will have 23 cabins with each cabin having a capacity for 8 passengers, as per the technical details shared by the Tourism department.


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