SDF will win polls from all wards in Gnathang-Machong: D.T. Lepcha

Minister D.T. Lepcha being welcomed at Hangu Lake. The minister with the persons felicitated by Kupup Village Development and Tourism Cooperative Society Limited during the programme. SE Pics
Tue, Nov 6, 2018

GANGTOK: Transport minister and area MLA D.T. Lepcha on Monday asserted that Gnathang-Machong constituency would be going to the ruling Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) party in coming 2019 Assembly election also. We will win from all the wards in Gnathang-Machong constituency even if elections are conducted right now, he said.
“There is not a chance that people’s votes would go elsewhere in Gnathang-Machong constituency. There is presence of opposition in our constituency but there is a need for the people of our constituency to believe in SDF more than ever.
“Our Chief Minister Pawan Chamling has been the one who made it possible for cross border trade to happen between India and China here at Sherathang, which falls under our constituency,” said Lepcha.
The minister was addressing a gathering at Hangu Lake premises in Kupup near the Indo-China border under Gnathang-Machong constituency. He was attending the one year anniversary celebration of Alpine Adventure Park at Hangu Lake.
Attending the programme were east zilla adhyaksha Shamsher Bakhim, panchayats, Cooperation department officials, local tourism stakeholders and public along with the Kupup Village Development and Tourism Cooperative Society Limited members.
Giving example of the Alpine Adventure Park which has been functioning at Hangu Lake since October 8, 2017, the Transport minister highlighted several exemplary works being done in the constituency over the last four years.
“Gnathang-Machong has been one of the best functioning constituencies in the State leading in the homestay tourism. With the airport coming up in Pakyong, almost 50% of the tourists will be diverted to the various homestays in the constituency especially in Yakten, Parakha. We have tested the potential of paragliding in Upper Parakha and also the potential for artificial rock climbing in various locations.”
On the development of Alpine Adventure Park at Hangu Lake, Lepcha shared that difficulties are always there, but they move ahead and that has been exhibited here for the last one year by the Kupup Village Development and Tourism Cooperative Society Limited. It has been the unity of the people of Kupup ward that has resulted in the development and progress of Kupup. It has also been the aid of Cooperation department that has helped in the development of Alpine Adventure Park. The difficulties faced by the tourism developers here will be an inspiration for the future generation. It will also help in better revenue generation, employment and tourist attraction”.
He also urged the local people to come forth with plans and projects for better development of Kupup village ward.
Of the many tourism potential, the minister highlighted how mountain biking, boating, angling, swimming and a marathon from Tsomgo Lake to Hangu Lake as many attractions to follow in the region.
The minister expressed his sadness on the lack of local participation in the Indo-China border trade at Sherathang. "I feel sad that the locals of our constituency are not taking part in the border trade that is taking place in Sherathang. There has been active participation by the locals from other parts of the State as well as those from outside the State. Our people need to understand the potential of the trade that is happening. Our people should be working on the trade opportunity as the money that is being generated is going elsewhere. If you take up the trade business, the government will help with licensing as well as training. Let us work together and make use of different associations that function in the constituency.”
Affirming on the hard work he has done for the constituency over the last 4 years, Lepcha pointed out that major parts of Gnathang-Machong constituency are restricted forest area and restricted area for defence. But despite that we have come up with many housing projects for the people in the constituency, he said. We are also coming up with a monastery in Kupup which will also add as a further attraction in the region, he added. He also promised more support coming people's way in the form of Janta Mela to be held in December.

Area: 7096 Sq Km
Altitude: 5,840 ft
Population: 6.10 Lakhs
Topography: Hilly terrain elevation from 600 ft. to over 28,509 ft above sea level
Summer: Max- 21°C ; Min – 13°C
Winter: Max -13°C ; Min – 0.48°C
Rainfall: 325 cm per annum
Language Spoken: Nepali, Bhutia, Lepcha, Tibetan, English, Hindi