Golay starts ‘Parivartan Sankalpa Yatra’

Parivartan Sankalpa Yatra
Fri, Nov 30, 2018

People have made up their minds to bring a change in Sikkim: Golay

GANGTOK: Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) president P.S. Golay on Thursday embarked on a ‘Parivartan Sankalpa Yatra’ maintaining that the people of Sikkim have made up their minds to bring a system change in 2019 Assembly elections.
The public outreach campaign is being held in a phase-wise manner with the SKM president planning to reach every village in Sikkim before elections are announced in February-March by the Election Commission of India. The initial phases of the yatra would be in west and south districts, the two districts which the SKM is working to strengthen its base.
In 2014 polls, the SKM had lost from all the 16 constituencies of south and west districts.
Golay started his yatra by visiting Dodak, Daramdin constituency and he would be travelling across the constituency for five days. He will be meeting and interacting with the people during the tour and talk about the principles and programmes of the SKM party. He opened a party office at Sombaria bazaar.
Addressing the gathering at Sombaria party office, the SKM president said the ‘Parivartan Sankalpa Yatra’ is a historic rally for the SKM and the people of Sikkim.
“We are undertaking this yatra for a change because only one party and one person have been ruling Sikkim for 25 years. The SDF has ruled Sikkim for 25 years but the situation in the villages and villagers have not improved…the villagers are still facing hardships,” said Golay.
“The SDF government claims of development taking place in Sikkim and claims that people in the villages are prosperous. They say every village is self-sufficient but those claims are false. Development has taken only on paper,” said the SKM president.
Golay said he will visit and meet people at every village of Sikkim during the yatra. We will interact with the villagers and take stock of their grievances and hardships …we will include their views in our party programmes, he said.
The SKM president maintained that the SDF government remembers the people only before the elections by holding Janta Melas and announcing several benefits. However, the people this time have made up their minds to bring a ‘Parivartan’, this yatra is to commit ourselves to bring a change in Sikkim anyhow, he said.
Golay demanded the State government to release the remaining arrear amount of the government employees before the Namsoong-Loosong and Christmas festivals taking place next month.
“We had made the ‘Parivartan’ call in 2009 and formed the party in 2013. We contested the 2014 elections but could not form the government. However, the SKM managed to strengthen the voice of the people before the State and Central governments,” said the SKM president.

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