Wed, Dec 5, 2018

‘If you want peace, good governance then I am there; If you want to pay tax, unrest and jail then Goonda party is ready’


GANGTOK: Chief Minister Pawan Chamling on Tuesday said government employees would have to pay monthly taxes and work under an environment of conflict if they choose other political parties in coming 2019 Assembly elections.
“I am there if the government employees want to work in peace, good governance and fearless environment. If the employees want to pay monthly taxes, and work under an environment of unrest and fear then there are other parties. The employees have to decide on what to do at the time of elections,” said the Chief Minister.
He was addressing the gathering of government employees after inaugurating the new Tashiling Secretariat building here. He shared that he had worked with nine chief secretaries, six DGPs and countless secretaries and employees during the 24 years of the Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) government.
“No employee under my government has been sent to jail. In previous government, there is a record of even chief secretary going to jail. If the employees do not want to go to jail then I am there at one side; if they want to go to jail then the Goonda party is ready. It is up to the employees to decide,” said Chamling.
“Sixty percent of the employees voted for us in 2014 elections; 40 percent did not gave votes to us. In East Sikkim, 45% employees voted for us and 55% did not. However, I do not have to say anything…perhaps they wanted unrest in Sikkim.”
The Chief Minister said the employees must take a decision after believing the peace that Sikkim enjoys. Sikkim will fall into unrest and disturbances if it goes to wrong persons and that time, it would be the employees and poor people who will suffer the most, he said.
I am hearing that some employees are giving milk to snakes… the same snake will bite their hands in future, Hoshiyar Basnu, said Chamling.
“We have given all benefits and facilities to the employees. Salaries are given on first of every month. Pay Commission was never stopped. If anyone else comes to power then the employees would have problems of even getting their monthly salaries,” said the Chief Minister.
On the functioning of State bureaucrats and employees, Chamling stressed that there is no need for his recommendation for smallest of works in the State.
“I keep hearing how the State government employees do not implement various policies of the State which stands as their basic functioning. There is no need for my recommendation to issues such as jobs on compassionate grounds, old age pensions, ex gratia, trade licenses or any such functioning. The department must ensure the grade of the eligible employee, whether or not the appointee is a legal and natural applicant and thereafter they can prepare the appointment order,” he said.

Area: 7096 Sq Km
Altitude: 5,840 ft
Population: 6.10 Lakhs
Topography: Hilly terrain elevation from 600 ft. to over 28,509 ft above sea level
Summer: Max- 21°C ; Min – 13°C
Winter: Max -13°C ; Min – 0.48°C
Rainfall: 325 cm per annum
Language Spoken: Nepali, Bhutia, Lepcha, Tibetan, English, Hindi