Golay takes his Parivartan Yatra to Zoom-Salghari constituency 2019 elections is about removing dictatorship and saving Sikkim: Golay

SKM president P.S. Golay during his yatra.
Thu, Dec 6, 2018

GANGTOK: Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) president P.S. Golay on Wednesday embarked on a 5-day tour of Zoom-Salghari constituency, west district.
It is his second constituency after Daramdin under his ‘Parivartan Sankalpa Yatra’ and seventh straight day of touring the villages.
Golay started his Zoom-Salghari yatra from Naya Bazaar where he was warmly received by the SKM workers, informs a SKM press release. He met and interacted with the people of Naya Bazaar, Sisney, Pipaley, Rothak Basmey and Rateypani areas.
“It is unfortunate that the SDF party has not managed to uplift the people of Sikkim despite being in government for 25 years. The Chief Minister has been given 25 years by the people. He is still asking for more time. How much time he wants?,” said Golay while addressing the local gatherings.
“The SDF youths of 1993-94 are still youths, they never received opportunities to progress. The SKM will give growth opportunities to the youths so they can make their future. Hundreds of youths are forced to work outside the State as they do not get opportunities here,” said Golay.
“No one will pay heed to the hollow threats of the SDF government in 2019 Assembly elections. The SKM wants to make a progressive Sikkim which is self-reliant,” said the SKM president. He accused the SDF government of ignoring west district.
“The 2019 election is an election to remove a dictatorship government and to save Sikkim. The existence of the people will be finished if the SDF government again comes to power in 2019. It is not an election to form a SKM government but to save Sikkim. Our government will confiscate the properties of all corrupted persons and distribute among the people of Sikkim,” said Golay.  
Meanwhile, the SKM has responded to the statements made by Chief Minister Pawan Chamling against the opposition political parties during the Tashiling Secretariat opening. We totally reject the allegations levelled against the opposition parties by the Chief Minister yesterday, said SKM spokesperson Bikash Basnet in a press statement.
Basnet said the Chief Minister misused a government programme as a political platform. We demand clarification from the Chief Minister on his statement that government employees would go to jail if another party comes to power, he said.
“It is true that 90% government employees are angry with the SDF government but it is not due to the SKM. Rather it is due to petty behaviour against the government employees by the SDF government. This government has snatched away the speaking rights of the employees. It is natural that employees should be in favour of Parivartan under such environment,” said Basnet.

Area: 7096 Sq Km
Altitude: 5,840 ft
Population: 6.10 Lakhs
Topography: Hilly terrain elevation from 600 ft. to over 28,509 ft above sea level
Summer: Max- 21°C ; Min – 13°C
Winter: Max -13°C ; Min – 0.48°C
Rainfall: 325 cm per annum
Language Spoken: Nepali, Bhutia, Lepcha, Tibetan, English, Hindi