BRO’s herculean task cleared snow covered Nathu La highway

Nathu La highway
Tue, Jan 1, 2019

SE Report

GANGTOK: The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) once again proved its mettle as a first responder in emergency and crisis situations. The BRO units swung into action and cleared the snow along the Gangtok-Nathu La border road after the sudden snowfall stranded nearly 4,100 tourists in the upper reaches of East Sikkim on Friday.
The tourists vehicles could not return back to Gangtok as the road surface became slippery and dangerous for plying of vehicles. Immediately, the local formation of BRO swung into action and started clearing snow to enable tourist to fall back to Gangtok by night. The BRO deployed specialised snow clearing machines and moved them along Kupup-Nathula road. The situation was assessed again by civil and Army authorities and it was decided to halt the snow clearance operation by BRO in the larger interest of safety and security of tourists. The tourists were accommodated in camps of BRO and Army and were given warm clothes and food for the night, a BRO statement informs.
Two task force commanders of Project Swastik of BRO were given the specific task of overseeing the operation of speedy opening of the stretch so that tourists could get back to their places as early as possible. As more snow had accumulated in the intervening night, more dedicated resources were deployed in a coordinated manner. The road was finally cleared of snow and all tourists were safely guided to Gangtok by Saturday afternoon.

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