SKM Chalak Mahasabha on Jan 7 in Gangtok

SKM Chalak Mahasabha
Sat, Jan 5, 2019

Staff Reporter

GANGTOK: The Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) Chalak Morcha is holding a Chalak Mahasabha on January 7 at Gangtok to be attended by drivers of the State. SKM president P.S. Golay is chairing the programme.
Speaking to media here, Chalak Morcha functionaries said the daylong meeting will have the participation of drivers and owners of vehicles to interact on problems and grievances of the drivers in Sikkim.
“We all will be discussing the problems and grievances of the drivers at the Chalak Mahasabha. Suggestions from the drivers would also be taken and included in the programmes of the SKM party. Party president P.S. Golay would be sharing with the drivers about the welfare programmes from the SKM party,” said Chalak Morcha vice president Rajani Gurung.
Chalak Morcha vice president Chung Chung Bhutia said the drivers have been attending meetings with the government authorities but do not get opportunity to present their issues in an elaborative manner. During the January 7 meeting, the drivers would be placing their problems and issues before the SKM president in a detailed manner, he said.
The Chalak Morcha appealed all the drivers along with vehicle owners to attend the January 7 meeting.
SKM spokesperson Jacob Khaling said the drivers have a major role in the development of Sikkim but are the most ‘exploited’ group in the State. The Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) government sees the drivers only a ‘tax paying medium’ and have done nothing for their capacity development and welfare, he said.
Khaling said the January 7 meeting will also discuss on celebrating ‘Chalak Diwas’ in Sikkim. Our party president will be announcing the date wherein ‘Chalak Diwas’ would be celebrated annually in Sikkim, he said.

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