CM lays foundation stone for Nishani Kali Devi statue at Gadi

Nishani Kali Devi
Mon, Jan 7, 2019


GANGTOK: Chief Minister Pawan Chamling on Sunday laid the foundation stone for Nishani Kali Devi temple at Gadi hill top in Central Pendam, East Sikkim. The temple complex will host two statues with Nishani Kali Devi in a sitting posture and the other of Lord Shiva in a supine posture. The height of the statue of Nishani Kali Devi will be 54 feet excluding the pedestal, while from the base of the pedestal it will be 70 feet high.
Present on the occasion was Tourism minister Ugen T Gyatso Bhutia, Agriculture minister Somnath Poudyal and West Pendam MLA Gopal Barailly along with department officials, representatives of Gadi Sunakhari and the public of the constituency.
Following the ceremony, the Chief Minister along with the public made their way to Tikalal Niroula senior secondary school for the celebration of platinum jubilee of the school.
Addressing the function, Chamling spoke about the government’s vision behind the Nishani Kali Devi statue project.
“All these efforts have been for 'dharma' and tourism in the region. The value of lands here will increase and hotels will start to come up. Even the pandits will be employed. The construction will be a milestone of development and the structure will be world class with special importance being laid in promoting this place. For dharma we have done a lot of karma, which no other government will be able to do,” he stated.
Tourism secretary T.T. Bhutia presented the technical report of the project. The temple complex would be established over 5 acres of land and include the bronze statue which will be cast in Lost Wax Process, he said.
Parking will be located about half a kilometre below the statue complex over a flat land measuring 0.72 acres. The total compensation cost is Rs. 1.84 crore, of which 70% have already been released to the land holders.
The temple complex will include eco-friendly garden, exhibition hall, prayer hall along with a waiting lounge, water storage facilities, electric control room, transformer station, electrical sub-station with compound illumination, ticket counter, souvenir shop, approach road and the walls on the way to main statue will bear carving of various figures of Gods and Goddesses.
The total cost of the project is Rs. 63.83 crore.
On the various demands placed by area MLA Gopal Baraily as well as the Tikalal Niroula senior secondary school principal Subash Giri, the Chief Minister stated, "The constituency is in need of more power linemen and the 12 linemen demanded will be made available. The constituency has also placed a demand for Science College here, but I would like the people to be more considerate about what kind of college they want, the same will be sanctioned. The school has demanded for road carpeting in the school premises, a gate, drainage system, Children Park, a stadium, repair of the school building and a one-time exemption in electricity bill. The government will consider all the demands and sanction these projects.”

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